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Best Triathlon Goggles (Anti-Fog & Waterproof)

It would be wrong to think you can use just any type of goggles for special needs. When it comes to triathlon- picking the apt goggles will be a necessity. Triathlon is a very demanding sport and it requires the usage of specific and hardy accessories.  You cannot just get away by using regular swim goggles in this sport. So, you need to shop for triathlon goggles carefully- after doing a good amount of research. Triathletes have specific needs and analyzing those needs will help you buy the apt goggles, eventually. After all, it is a much-needed task and does not take too much time either.

When you are participating in a triathlon, using apt attire is necessary and the same logic is applicable for the goggles you wear. In normal swimming events, you can wear regular swimming goggles. However, in triathlon, it is somewhat different. It involves open-water swimming and a lot more action.

When you get into pool swimming, you have to think of the following aspects:

  • The lane lines will be there, clearly marked
  • Big walls to set focus on
  • Black line for guidance
  • No crazy person accompanying you every second
  • the chance to get clear water
  • A bit of order (not many swimming next to you)-unless it is a big pool

In open water swimming, there are:

  • Buoys placed in usually non-linear patterns
  • Difficult to guess the sunrise direction
  • Deepwater
  • Unclear and murky water
  • total chaos
  • People swatting you around with strokes

So, you may stick to regular swimming goggles that lack any special feature for pool swimming needs. However, for open water swimming, these goggles will not be good enough. When you are participating in triathlon which involves open water swimming, it is necessary to see things more clearly. The goggles should be devoid of any distraction. These goggles also need to be quite rugged in build.

Best 5 Triathlon Goggles

1. Aegend Swim Goggles

Aegend Swim Goggles are not going to trouble your nose as these Swim Goggles are extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. Forget about having a mark on your face after putting on a pair of swim goggles for an hour or two. Aegend Swim Goggles have successfully eradicated that issue. Environmental Treatment Technology is used in the making of Aegend Swim Goggles and it has endowed these Goggles with anti-fogging ability. 

Looking for a pair of Triathlon Goggles that offer a snug fit, well your search ends here. Aegend Swim Goggles can be worn even if the light is low as these Goggles are specifically prepared to allow swimmers to have better visions under low light conditions.

Leaking problems should not bother you if you decide to participate in a Triathlon with these Aegend Swim Goggles on. Aegend Swim Goggles offer superior fitting regardless of your facial features. The ergonomic design of these Goggles ensures that the water never manages to leak in no matter what.

A clear view is somewhat guaranteed with these Aegend Swim Goggles. To extend the lifespan of these Aegend Swim Goggles, Polycarbonate lenses are used in it.

2. TOPLUS Swim Goggles

TOPLUS Swim Goggles flaunt a shatterproof design no matter how extreme the conditions are. These Triathlon Goggles have got silicon frame which is extremely flexible in nature and the lenses are made from Polycarbonate plastic that adds to its already impressive lifespan. The nose piece is super comfy and since the nose piece is made from TPE material, it will definitely last long. TOPLUS Swim Goggles offer a decent level of protection from UV rays and we can safely say that these Triathlon Goggles will definitely help you see a marked improvement as far as your swimming experience is concerned.

Earplugs are included; this will definitely help you keep the water entering the ear canals while participating in a Triathlon. Ergonomic clips are included in the pack and these clips are highly adjustable in nature. The lenses are treated carefully with the latest anti-fog treatment and thereby allowing you to have a crystal-clear view of things.

3. EXP VISION Swim Goggles

EXP VISION Swim Goggles are 100% waterproof. The ergonomic design of these Triathlon Goggles ensures perfect fitting irrespective of your facial features. If you aspire to enjoy a better view underwater, you need to get your hands on this pair of EXP VISION Swim Goggles. The ergonomic design will create a seal around your nose and thus prevent the water from coming in.

EXP VISION Swim Goggles can easily ward off the fog and ultraviolet rays of the sun. The outer layer of these swim Goggles is coated carefully and this is what stops the fog from forming a layer on the surface. Unlike other cheap swim Goggles that tend to offer a distorted version of the outside world, EXP VISION Swim Goggles offer an undistorted perimeter view which is remarkable by any standard.

A quick-release clasp is included and that means, you can easily put on and off without getting your hairs tangled in it.

4. Vetoky Swim Goggles

Vetoky Swim Goggles come equipped with interchangeable nosepieces and that means, you would not have to worry about fittings at all. Anti-fog lenses make Vetoky Swim Goggles super useful for swimmers. Vetoky Swim Goggles provide a long distant view which you are most unlikely to get in any other triathlon Goggles that are available in the market. Vetoky Swim Goggles also offer protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

5. OTTER Easy-Fit Triathlon Swim Goggles

Stylish and uber cool, OTTER Easy-Fit Triathlon Swim Goggles are highly adjustable in nature and they are super comfortable to wear for long hours. Use the clip to put the Goggles on and off easily and effortlessly. OTTER Easy-Fit Triathlon Swim Goggles do away with the common distortion issues and that means, you will get to a realistic picture of the outside world. Be it indoor or outdoor, OTTER Easy-Fit Triathlon Swim Goggles can be your perfect companion. Use the strop to get these Goggles fitted to your head.

How to Choose The Right Triathlon Goggles

When you shop for triathlon swim goggles, it is necessary to check a few aspects with care. These are:

1. The Right Fit

No matter how costly the goggles are, it has to fit well on your face. However, finding a model that offers the perfect fit is seldom easy. So, be prepared to try out a few models. Even the custom goggles may not always offer the best fit- as you will see. You also need to consider the shape of your face here. The goggles suited for a rounded face may not ideal for a person with an elongated face.

2. No Distortion Is A Prerequisite

Triathlon athlete needs to see things clearly at all times. Every split-second matter here and you need to buy a goggle set with minimal distortion. The fancy and stylish goggles may not fit the bill in this regard. Again, you may need to check a few goggles models before getting your hands on the apt one.

3. Hydrodynamics

You may have heard about aerodynamic design but Hydrodynamics may seem an alien term! However, the reality is the shape and design of the goggles play a role in helping you swim a tad faster or slowing down your speed underwater.

4. Think Of The Coverage

It is both a matter of safety and comfort. Always, go for a triathlon goggle set that covers the eye region very well, also at the sides. However, ensure you do not buy overtly large goggles as it will make movements tedious. Along with visibility and durability, ease of usage has to be kept in mind.

5. Getting A Backup Set

Even if you somehow managed to find the right pair of goggles for use in triathlon, keeping just one set is not a good idea. Despite your best precautions, it is not uncommon to lose the goggles. They can also get damaged in some situations. So, it is advisable that you keep another set of goggles as a backup. You may also go for a dark tinted set as a backup. This can be really handy and helps you evade untoward developments.

Last modified: July 19, 2020