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Best Prescription Swim Glasses

For a swimmer, possibly nothing can be more irksome or problematic than wearing a pair of goggles set that does not fit well. It could be for a practice swimming session for a professional championship- but wearing the right swimming goggles is very important! There can be many issues like blurred vision or even worse- water getting inside the goggles.

You have to remember swimming goggles are not like casual goggles models that you wear for strolling in the park on a sunny afternoon! You have to know the factors to assess before buying such goggles. This will help you in evading problems later onwards.

Best 5 Prescription Swim Goggles

1. Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles

Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles let you see clearly in the water. It does not leak and rarely do you have to deal with issues like discomfort while swimming. Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles is extremely lightweight. This pair of prescription swim goggles are made from high-quality Silicone and that means, you can keep it on for long hours even if you have very sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a pair of prescription swim goggles that offer an unobstructed view and a greater peripheral vision, you need to get your hands on Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles. No longer will you have to pay top dollar to get your hands on a pair of custom prescription goggles because Aguaphile Prescription Swim Goggles are made with the same level of care and craftsmanship.

Features –

  • Completely Leakproof.
  • Utterly Comfortable
  • Adjustable strap included.
  • Replacement Guaranteed

2. Shiratori Corrective Nearsighted Swimming Goggles

Shiratori Corrective Nearsighted Swimming Goggles offer decent performance underwater. Looking at underwater things would be much easier thanks to this pair of Shiratori Corrective Nearsighted Swimming Goggles. The anti-fog coating works really well and the best part is this pair of prescription Swim Goggles come equipped with 3 different nose pieces which are very nice. Preinstalled is the medium size. It also offers a superior level of protection from the UV rays of the Sun.

3. WarmieHomy Prescription Swimming Goggles

WarmieHomy Prescription Swimming Goggles is super durable and extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. Around the lenses is a sealed gasket and it is circular. This gasket is made from soft silicone that helps to prevent leakage to a great extent. the soft nose piece and the silicone frame will not put any unnecessary pressure on your face and thereby allow you to concentrate more on improving your swimming skills. Nose piece bridges are available in three different sizes and that means, WarmieHomy Prescription Swimming Goggles is probably compatible with most face shapes and sizes.

4. ZIONOR RX Prescription Swim Goggles

ZIONOR RX Prescription Swim Goggles has got a nice stylish look and feel. It has unmistakably got a nice eye-catching design. On the performance front, ZIONOR RX Prescription Swim Goggles have made its mark felt. To improve vision underwater, a widened angle is incorporated in the design of this pair of prescription swim goggles. It offers a superior level of protection from the UV rays and does not allow fog to form on its surface.

The lenses are super durable and they are impact resistant. The frame is made from non-toxic silicone materials and it does a decent job when it comes to preventing the chlorine from getting in.

5. AIKOTOO Swim Goggles

AIKOTOO Swim Goggles is treated with anti-fog coating and it offers 100% protection from the UV rays of the Sun. In case, you are looking for a pair of prescription glasses that can help you see things clearly in the water for a long period of time, you should look no farther than AIKOTOO Swim Goggles. Silicon is being used in the making of this pair of AIKOTOO Swim Goggles and the lenses are shatter-proof as well. AIKOTOO Swim Goggles is ideal for people with myopia.

Prescription Swim Goggles
Buying Guide

Know the available options

As a matter of fact, not all swimming goggles are the same. You can find a wide range of such goggles-tailor made for specific swimming usage needs. You need to know where the swimming goggles will be used. Will it be used for small swimming sessions or for events that stretch into hours? It can be alternating between the 2 types as well.

The Competition goggles are typically low profile and they are ideal for using in swimming competitions. They are closer to the eye contour. However, they are not meant for daily usage. On top of that, the competition goggles cannot be used over prescription lenses owing to the reduced surface area.

Prescription practice swim goggles are what you can use for daily needs. These goggles are comparatively bigger and have gasket silicone for ease of use. However, they tend to be costlier.

You could also go for the recreational goggles when you swim only for short durations. They are wallet-friendly with prescription lenses having fixed power. However, they may not be good for correction. So, these goggles may cause headaches and strain on the eyes when used for a long time.  To ensure there is no discomfort, think of getting customized prescription swim goggles.

Where Will You Swim?

It is also necessary to think of the water body or venue where you will swim. There are people who prefer swimming in artificial pools and not into natural ponds, rivers or lakes. There are those who discard swimming in artificial pools. Of course, there are men and women who are avid swimmers and prefer both types of locations. The lighting condition in these locations varies a lot.

If you prefer swimming in the river or the sea a lot, consider buying tinted lens swimming goggles. These models help in coping with sunlight better. Sometimes, especially on sunny days, the glare of the sun can be blinding when you are swimming in lakes or rivers.

If you swim mostly in pools and local water bodies, light tinted lens goggles can fit the bill. If you swim both in pools and sometimes in rivers and the sea, the Photochromic lenses are the best. They adjust to changing lighting conditions very well. Photochromic lens models will cost you a steep amount.

If you are a seasoned swimmer and use goggles all over the year, it will be ideal to keep more than one swimming goggles. The light tinted lens model can be used indoors and the dark-tinted lens model can be used in natural, large water body settings. It is an investment worth making for an ace swimmer.


It is not only about getting the right lens for swimming goggles.  When you are swimming, the goggles must remain attached to the face well. Large-sized swimming goggles that do not fit well should be evaded and the same can be said about goggles that seem very tight. You should try out the goggles well before buying them. Factors like the shape of your face are something you have to think of too.

Prescription Swim Goggles FAQ

  1. Is it OK if I swim with both contacts and goggles?

    Swimming with contacts is not advisable as it can lead to the risk of eye infections and in worse cases, sight-threatening conditions. The FDA says the contact lenses are not for exposure to water, even if it is tap water and swimming pool water. The same is true about pools and lakes. So, ensure they do not get in touch with water in a direct manner.

  2. Are Goggles required for swimming?

    Using the Swimming goggles is something the competitive swimmers cannot overlook. Without using goggles, the swimmers will not be able to evade developing sore eyes. They cannot see clearly underwater without such goggles as well. However, things work well when you get the right swimming goggles. In any case, a professional swimmer should keep 2 sets of such goggles in their kits/bags. The backup set will come in handy if the first set gets damaged or lost.

    It is also necessary that you know how to use the swimming goggles properly or else they may come off when you dive or swim. The fit around the eyes and on the nose bridge region should be very good. The eye areas must be put on eyes and then the strap must be fastened. Not fitting the goggles may also lead to causing damage to the eyes. In fact, instances of such mishaps are not uncommon.

Last modified: July 19, 2020