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Best Basketball Goggles That Are Available for the Cheap

When you play basketball, Injuries can occur and you will definitely want to evade injury to the eyes. You can reduce the risk of injury to the eyes while playing basketball by sticking to the prescription basketball goggles. These tailor-made eyewear are hardened and they do not shatter easily, even if the player falls or the ball knocks hard. Using these goggles will surely make you feel more confident and assured of safety.

Basketball glasses do protect your eyes during the matches but it is essential that you pick the right one. The goggles you buy must fit well and offer you clear vision at all times. The comfort factor has to be there!

Best 6 Sports Goggles for

Many customers all want to have the best basketball goggles, and then you can find the top ones here. Here is the list for you all that can help you to determine the best one.

1. Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses

Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses is one of its kind. The best thing about this pair of Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses is that it has got rubber padding inside that allows it to absorb shocks more efficiently. It is comfortable to wear for long hours and offers great fitting. The best thing about this pair of Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses is that you can use prescription lenses in these frames. However, in that case, you might have to pay a visit to a local optometrist.

2. Ponosoon Sports Basketball goggles

PONOSOON Sports Goggles for Basketball can easily resist scratches. Are you worried about the UV rays? Well, in that case, you are in for luck. PONOSOON Sports Goggles for Basketball has got a polycarbonate lens that offers 99% protection from impact and sun.

The frame of this PONOSOON Sports Basketball Goggles is padded with foam and this is what offers protection from dust and other pollutants. Silicone nose pad makes it super comfortable and the frame of these basketball goggles is virtually unbreakable.

3. Wonzone Basketball Goggles

Wonzone Basketball Goggles protect your eyes from incoming objects and thus making it ideal for physically intensive sports like basketball. Since this pair of Wonzone Basketball Goggles comes equipped with adjustable straps, you would not have to worry about fittings.

The lenses don’t allow fogs to form on their surfaces and thus allowing you to have crystal clear vision while playing basketball. The coolest thing about Wonzone Basketball Goggles is that its lenses can be replaced by Prescription lenses if you wish so.

4. Bangerz HS-OTG basketball goggles

Bangerz HS-OTG Googles is known for offering maximum protection to the eyes while playing outdoor games like basketball. Polycarbonate lens ensures higher visibility and durability. You can even wear these basketball goggles over prescription glasses and that too without making any kind of sacrifice on your field of vision.

Built for withstanding impacts, Bangerz HS-OTG Googles are lightweight. Anti-Scratch And Anti Fog lenses meet all the standards set out by USRA & ASTM F803.

5. SKLZ Court Vision basketball goggles

SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribbling Goggles will let you have better control over the ball and thus making it ideal for beginner basketball players who want to learn how to control the ball without even looking down. The downward vision gets blocked in this pair of Goggles and thus forcing players to use their skills and other sensory organs to dribble the ball efficiently. SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribbling Goggles is also extremely adjustable and help players to improve their game.

6. Pellor basketball goggles

PELLOR Goggles has solved the problem of fogging for once and all and it has done it by introducing a wind-proof design. A crystal clear view is what you can expect when you will put on these magnificent basketball goggles in the upcoming match. Silicon wear pad is applied on frames of this PELLOR Goggles and the best part is, this silicone wear pad be removed and then resembled easily and effortlessly. During an intensive training period, this silicone wear pad can save your day. It will keep your skin protected no matter what.

The strap is highly adjustable and that means, you can always expect a good fitting. The strap can be attached and detached easily and it is made from premium quality nylon. Irrespective of the circumference of your head, PELLOR Goggles will definitely offer a good fitting.

How to Pick the Right
Basketball Goggles

Locating the right Basketball Goggles is tougher than you think. The market has so many models that finding the apt one can be tedious and more so for the first time buyer. You should not look for style here. Safety and ease of use matter the most. However, the task becomes easier when you know what to look for. Listed below are the aspects that you have to analyze and assess:

The Right Fit

The Basketball Goggles is what you wear to safeguard the eyes during fast-paced matches. However, if the goggles you buy do not fit your face well, it would not cut much ice. The strap has to be adjustable. There should be a soft silicon pad for the nose area. There are some models that feature wrap-around lens. These units offer optimum safety and give you consistency of vision at the same time. When you buy basketball goggles, you need to double check it. Make sure it fits your face perfectly, otherwise it would not make any such difference.


Basketball goggles are not like casual sunglasses that you wear to flaunt looks. The unit you buy must meet the industry safety standard. The goggles need to be impact resistant and offer some level of protection from wind, water and dust as well. As a matter of fact, you may have to play under varying weather conditions. The factors like temperature and humidity have to be taken into account. On average, the lens has to withstand the impact of a projectile shot at 150 km/h.

Wrap Around Lens

It would be wrong to assume while playing basketball, you will get hit from the front side of the face. Sometimes, the ball can hit the side of the face too. Or, you can get hit by the other players-accidentally. The prescription sports goggles with wrap around build are therefore the best to safeguard your eyes. These glasses also enable you to look sideways and that can help you play better. You can set focus on players around.

Material Adhering to ASTM F803 Standards

How do you know what type of goggles can safeguard the eyes the best? These glasses need to be impact resistant. The models must adhere to the ASTM F803 standards. However, you also need to buy units that are not heavy. Lightweight yet sturdy goggles will fit your bill the best. The ideal glasses will fit so well that you should not feel they exist! You can opt for models with polycarbonate frames. However, you may also opt for units made with lightweight metal alloy based frames. The pads and straps should also be in shape.

Comfortable Wearing Experience

You will have to wear goggles and use them for a long time. So, the eyewear must fit snugly around the face and a loose or tight-fitting model will cause you discomfort and distraction. The straps should not be tough to adjust. You have to get a unit that suits your face contour the best. It should also have nose pads made with soft silicon. As it is, silicon is soft but offers a good grip on the skin. This will ensure the glasses stay in place even when you make a lot of movements.

Last modified: July 19, 2020