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Best Ski Goggles Under $100

There is no doubt buying ski goggles can strain your wallet. However, it would be a mistake to think these are optional equipment. When you are gilding downhill at blazing speed, visual clarity is what you need. The nice thing is a few budget skiing goggles do exist.

Cheap Ski Goggles Buying Guide

When looking for the best ski goggles under $100, it is necessary to keep a number of factors in mind:

Field of Vision

This depends on the width of the goggles frame. Of course, using a pair of goggles having a wide field of vision is ideal when you want to evade collisions.

Clarity of vision

This denotes how well the goggles’ lens lets you see colors and snow texture and anything around you. High-quality goggles have lens that offers a clearer vision.


A pair of skiing goggles that fog up soon cuts no ice! You can find some such goggles that come with specific features to thwart fogging. These goggles typically have an anti-fog coating, layered foam and air circulation vents.

Tint of the lens

The ski goggles have lenses of varying hues. The tint plays a direct role in allowing how much light can seep through the lens. On bright and sunny days, you will do better with a dark shaded lens. On foggy days, a lighter lens may fit the bill. Carrying an extra lens is better as the climate may change when you are skiing at high altitude.


The goggles that you choose must fit on your face and eye contour really well. It is a bad idea to wear ill-fitting goggles when skiing. You also need to buy helmet-compatible goggles for ease of use.

Apart from these factors, you need to look for a few more features when shopping for skiing goggles. For example, you may check out lenses with enhanced durability. There are a few that come with an anti-scratch layer. There are the UV protection enabled goggles too. You may also look for polarized lenses. The ability to swap lenses on the move will be an added benefit.

Best Ski Goggles Under $100

Check out the below-listed ski goggles under 100 buck and you may find the one most apt for your needs:

1. Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles

Great style and amazing performance – The Roca semi-frameless goggles for goggles have been designed with precision in Utah. It offers amazing performance in skiing. You can also expect great versatility, comfort. It has actually been designed by veteran skiers and snowboarders and so you can buy one with assuredness. There are various colors to suit the mindset of trendy users.

Change lens within a minute – It is made with 6 exceptional earth N45 magnets. There is an integrated clip locking system too. The Roca ski goggles are highly customizable and you can change the lens to cope with varying light conditions. There are 7 lens choices with varying tints. This ensures you can use it almost anywhere!

Aurora lens tech – Don’t mar your skiing or snowboarding experience with an average quality lens. The panoramic spherical dual lens of this model comes with Anti-Scratch coating. It also has an Anti-Fog feature embedded. So, you can see the terrain in varying light conditions. You can be assured of eye protection at all times. You need not worry about harmful UV rays and glare of the sun.

No more loss of lens – The Roca ski goggles are a step ahead of a run of the mill magnetic goggles you can see on the market. It has a special side clip locking system in place. This ensures the lens does not fall off easily. You need not worry about losing the lenses when skiing on the slopes.

Comfortable and rugged at the same time – The Roca goggle frame offers extreme durability as it is made with quality Thermoplastic Urethane Polymer. However, you feel comfortable using it owing to the anti-slip coating with a soft touch. The high-quality triple layer foam has been used for user comfort. The lens is made with strong poly-carbonate which is shatter-resistant.

2. Spy Optic Raider Snow Goggles

This is not your regular skiing goggles. The Spy Optic Raider Snow Goggles is oversized and cylindrical. It comes with large scoop vents. You also get an additional lens.

The goggles’ HD lens technology is made with impact-resistant, high-quality materials that offer great durability and clear vision under varying lighting. Apart from unmatched clarity, you get zero distortion. As a result, there is minimal strain on the eyes. The bonus lens ensures peace of mind.

The goggles come with specially developed cylindrical Anti-fog twin lens. It ensures increased optical clarity. You get 100% coverage from harmful UV rays.

Its special Scoop ventilation system helps in keeping fogs at bay. The 3 layer face foam offers unmatched comfort to the users and the airflow is also great. Your eyes do not get sweaty. The goggles are compatible with the popular helmets.

3. Fuel Optics High-Performance Anit-Fog Ski

Fuel Optics snow goggles offer a good mix of style and value. It has a stylish design. The Backdraft series twin-lens goggle comes with plenty of useful features. These include an anti-fog layer, 100% UV protection. These will save your eyes from various hazards when you take part in skiing or snowboarding.

The goggles boast of a unique “frameless” design that offers amazing panoramic vision. The interchangeable magnetic lens system ensures you can swap lenses on the move like a pro. These backdraft series ski goggles ships with an extra-long head strap that is adjustable. It can be used with helmets. It can be used by both genders easily.

It comes with Magnetic lens swap technology. The Ultra-wide spherical frameless build and Magnetic quick lens swap system makes cleaning and changing lenses on the move easier.

The wide frameless design oozes style. It features full-spectrum UV ray blocking. The tri-layer foam offers superb comfort and enhanced moisture management.

The model has Cloud 9 anti-fog tech embedded. The twin pane lenses create a thermal shield so that fogging does not happen. The airflow is optimized. There are Venting ports that do not get clogged soon and enhances airflow.

The goggles have a helmet-compatible strap. This makes it suitable for users with varying head sizes.

Ultra-Clear Spherical lens – Its Advanced lens technology offers top-notch optical clarity and freedom from the fog. The VX-Vison outer lenses have a unique layer that prevents scratch formation and offers a distortion-free vision.

4. Smith Optics Unisex Scope

The Smith optics unisex scope goggles offer very good ventilation with anti-fog features. They are absolutely valued for money. You may not get a fancy tech in this model. However, you can be assured of getting crisp visual clarity. The compression-molded face foam ensures you get the soft feel. The extra-wide silicone strap offers a great fit.  You also get a microfiber goggle bag that can be used to store it.

  • Helmet Compatible and a medium fit
  • Cylindrical twin Lens with excellent Airflow Ventilation
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag along with Replacement Lens Sleeve
  • Anti-Fog Inner Lens with Fog-X tech
  • Hypoallergenic, Compression-Molded Face Foam, Silicone Backed Strap

5. WildHorn Outfitters Roca Frameless Snow Goggle Lens

Fits the Wildhorn Roca Ski models.

Aurora lens tech – Do not spoil your snowboarding trip using a substandard lens. Its wide panoramic spherical twin-lens design is a class apart. The premium Anti-Fog layer and Anti-Scratch coating enhance safety and clarity of vision at all times. You need not bother about distortion and UV ray damage.

Built ruggedly – The Roca lens boasts of rugged quality. It is made using poly-carbonate which is robust and shatterproof.

Quick changing lens mechanism – when you are skiing down the slopes, the sky can change colors very fast and you have to be prepared! The Roca Ski goggles get rare earth N45 magnets along with an integrated clip locking mechanism. Swap the lenses on the move at style.

Amazing style and performance – The panoramic spherical twin-lens design offer a wider view. You can see terrains in all light conditions. There is no distortion and no woes of glares and UV radiation harming your eyes.

Broad view panoramic lens – The The broad view panoramic lens is spherical and the dual-lens design offers a clear vision in low light too. The lens also safeguards eyes from harsh UV rays and dazzling glares.

Locking magnetic lens – Not many goggles let you change the lenses in a minute. The Roca ski goggles are highly customizable and they offer amazing performance in any kind of lighting.

Say no to fogging – The ROCA goggle frames have a dual ventilation system. The goggles come with quality Anti-Fog lens coating and so you get a sharp and clear vision.

6. Traverse Varia Ski, Snowboard, and Snowmobile Goggles

If you are looking for a skiing goggles model that will be used occasionally, these budget models fit the bill really well. The technology used may not be cutting edge but for the price you get it, there is hardly anything to grudge.

The frame is built using strong polyurethane and triple face-foam offers amazing comfort. The ventilation system is also superb. Its dual-layered anti-scratch lens features anti-fog coating. You get 100% UV protection too.

  • Ergonomic and flexible polyurethane thermoplastic frame offers great strength and comfort for smooth skiing.
  • Stratus anti-scratch/fog twin-lens tech. It comes with frame vents to minimize lens damage.
  • Ternary triple face foam adjusts to face contour well. It ensures you get excellent airflow at all times.
  • The crystal clear lens can be used for night skiing without woes. It is ideal for use in low light conditions.
  • The goggles set to offer 100% UV ray protection. The twin layered spherical lens safeguards eyes from radiation. You also get a superb peripheral vision.

Last modified: March 19, 2020