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Best Ski Goggles for Kids

Are you planning a skiing trip with your family? Well, lucky you! Winter is upon us and now is the best time to go out and have a blast. Skiing is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy time outdoors but to make the most of it, you need to make sure every single member of your family including your kids are well equipped. You need to invest in a pair of ski goggles for your kids otherwise it could lead to a disaster. We all know that you can go to any extent to ensure that your kids stay safe throughout the skiing trip and therefore, we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to purchase a pair of premium quality ski goggles for your kids. Thankfully, you don’t run from pillar to post to find the perfect pair of ski goggles for your kids because here at Goggles Guide, we have listed the best 5 ski goggles for your kids. Take a look and let us know what you think –

Best 7 Ski Goggles for Kids

1. OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles is designed for kids above the age of 6. You will get to choose from different color lenses and frame types which is nice. OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles has got a unisex design and offers superior protection from the UV rays of the sun. To protect kids from injuries, OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles is using a soft TPU frame that offers greater protection from crash and fall, unlike harder frames. OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles can be worn over prescription glasses; cut-outs in the frame makes room for that. Can be worn over any ski helmets that are available in the market, OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles weighs just around 110 grams.

2. VELAZZIO Kids Ski Goggles

VELAZZIO Kids Ski Goggles flaunts an ergonomic design and offers 100% protection from UV400 rays of the sun. The proper ventilation system in place inside this pair of Kids Ski Goggles that helps to prevent fogging to a great extent. A double-layer lens adds to its superior strength and durability and allows your kids to get a wide panoramic view. The elastic strap makes it easy to wear over a ski helmet. Rubbery strips are placed inside the strap and this is what helps this Goggles stay put. It works great on overcast conditions and the brightly colored lens will make it easier for you to spot your kids easily on the slopes. The strap offers plenty of rooms for adjustments.

3. Yidomto Kids Ski Goggles

Yidomto Kids Ski Goggles can be adjusted easily to fit both adults and kids. Super tough ABS frames will be protecting your kid’s face and this pair of ski goggles is available for the cheap. Thick foam is placed inside this Yidomto Kids Ski Goggles to make kids feel comfortable most of the time.  Yidomto Kids Ski Goggles does not have a fancy look but it gets the job done. Yidomto Kids Ski Goggles can be worn while doing snowboard or while riding a motorcycle. It is truly a versatile goggle and is suitable for kids over 8 years old. The multi-layer coating makes it highly resistant to scratches. The yellow lens should be worn in the evening as it helps to improve the lighting conditions. Grey and Tawny Lenses work best when the sky is clear and the sun is burning bright.

4. Findway Kids Ski Goggles

Findway Kids Ski Goggles is designed for kids between the age of 3 and 8. It is compatible with most ski helmets and is available in a wide range of colors. You will get to choose from multiple frame options and colorful lenses. The inner lens has got a high-performance hydrophilic coating and should last long. The double-layer lens is made from premier Anti-fog materials. To eliminate any possibility of fog formation, Findway Kids Ski Goggles fine-tuned the ventilation system, and actions were taken to optimize airflow. Soft TPU frame will keep your kids safe in case he/she meets an accident. The use of Soft breathable foam inside this Findway Kids Ski Goggles makes it super comfortable.

5. LOEO Kids Ski Goggles

LOEO Kids Ski Goggles is designed for kids between the age of 5 and 14 years and the best thing about this kid’s ski goggles is that it can be worn by both girls and boys. Unlike hard frames that don’t provide any such protection from crashes, LOEO Kids Ski Goggles has got a soft frame that provides a cushion against impacts. To increase airflow inside the LOEO Kids Ski Goggles, a proper ventilation system in place on both the bottom and the top of this kid’s ski goggles. This is what will prevent fog formation to a great extent. LOEO Kids Ski Goggles provide 100% protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The tinted lens helps to block glares and offers an undistorted view of the outside world. Buckle strap makes it possible for the kids to make adjustments in the setting to get the correct fittings.

6. KUYOU Ski Goggles

KUYOU Ski Goggles features an OTG design and that means your kids can wear prescription glasses underneath these ski goggles. Keeping the goggles in place is the rubber band. KUYOU Ski Goggles will keep your kids protected from icy wind and impacts. It has got a sturdy TPU frame that can stand the test of time. KUYOU Ski Goggles promises to offer Superior Optical Clarity. Made from polycarbonate material, KUYOU Ski Goggles is both shatterproof and scratch-resistant. It can ward off glares from the snow effortlessly thanks to the inclusion of Upgraded dual-layer lens technology. A side-clip locking system is in place that makes it super easy to put this on or to take it off. KUYOU Ski Goggles is shock-proof and that means, it will not come off that easily even in the case of a crash. KUYOU Ski Goggles is designed for kids between the age of 4 and 15.

7. COPOZZ Kids Ski Goggles

COPOZZ Kids Ski Goggles is designed for kids between the age of 2 and 12 and can be worn by either sex. It offers protection from both sunlight and extreme cold. This kid’s ski goggles has got all the bells and whistles that you generally wish for in a standard kid’s ski goggles and that too without paying dearly for that. You can wear prescription glasses under it and it is compatible with almost all kid’s helmets out there. A large spherical lens ensures superior optical clarity and offers an unadulterated view of the outside world.  It also offers 100% protection from UV400.

Kids Ski Goggles Buying Guide

Tint of Lens

Once you zero in on the lens type, think of the lens tint factor. The tint should be chosen according to the atmosphere, sunlight, etc. On bright and sunny days, you will want goggles with black or grey-tinted lenses. This ensures the child using the goggles will not get blinded by harsh sunlight.

However, if the child wants to indulge in skiing on a cloudy day, give him/her a set with a rose or yellow tinted lens.


The majority of kid-friendly ski goggles have ventilation but not all of them offer the same experience. Good ventilation ensures the wearer does not have to deal with the menace of fogging inside. When the child gets a clear view, risks are reduced.

Right Fittings

Ensure you get goggles for your kids that fit their face and eye contour very well. It should not feel too tight or get loose every now and then! The child should feel comfortable wearing the set for a long time.

  • The ideal kid’s ski goggles will cover the eye contour of the child well and vision will not be hindered.
  • The goggles must fit well inside a helmet.
  • Make sure you buy the ski goggle and helmet for the kid at the same time. This will help ensure the gears fit him/her well. The child will not be exposed to cold wind.


Prior to placing an order for a set of snow or ski goggles for your kid, make sure the fit is just perfect. You may very well use tape for measuring.

  • It is necessary to measure the face width of your child. Start measuring from the middle of the temple to both sides of the kid’s face.
  • It is also important that you measure the face depth. Start measuring from a little above his/her eyebrow until the cheekbone.

Types of Lens

It is important that you pick the right type of lens. There are mainly 2 types of lenses.


These lenses lack the vertical curve and have the horizontal one instead. They are also called flat lenses. Go for it when your budget is not high and still you want decent performance.


These lenses have a vertical and horizontal curve. So, they have a bubble look. This leads to an enhanced field of vision. You do not have to cope with any blind spots while using this type of lens. Besides, the users do not have to cope with the menace of fog build up. The glare is also less. Spherical lenses are likely to be costly but the superb user experience is worth it. Those preferring better safety and performance should go for it.

Common Fitting Problems Caused By Ski Goggles

To ensure your child enjoys skiing and stays safe, you have to buy the right set of goggles. Your child will feel clumsy if the set is too large. A tight and small unit will also lead to discomfort.  It would be a good idea to draw the ski goggle measurement on paper. Then cut it and place the cutout on the child’s face to understand the fit.

Here is how you can overcome the fitting problems when buying snow goggles for the kids:

Pressure On The Eyes

If your kid is wearing goggles that are way too narrow the eye’s exterior may feel uneasy. In that case, you may try loosening the strap. If the kid still feels uneasy and the fit seems inadequate, you may have to find another unit.

Pinching The Nose’s Top Section

If the goggles set is loose this can occur. Then you can make the strap tighter. This will make the wearing experience better for the kid.

Last modified: September 7, 2020