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Best Snorkeling Goggles Over Glasses

When you plan your next tropical vacation or plan for a summer destination, you may think a lot about exploring marine wildlife and taking part in water sports, etc. You may also have plans to spend time snorkeling in turquoise blue seawater. However, your snorkeling experience can be awesome and memorable only when you wear a suitable set of snorkeling goggles. However, you may also go for a full face snorkeling mask. This ensures you get a clear view of the marine wildlife and sea at all times.

Here are a handful of the popular snorkel goggles that you can use in your next tropical vacation and enjoy the time.

How You Can Pick
The Right Snorkel Goggles

The snorkel masks listed here have varying designs and styling to suit all types of users. However, you have to compare these models based on some vital parameters.

1. Anti-fog system

Just like skiing goggles, you will want snorkeling masks to have provisions set for preventing fogging. Even when you swim underwater, fogging on the lens can take place. However, the good thing is that present generation snorkeling masks feature anti-fog technology. Fogging on the lens when you are swimming under the water can be unsafe and can expose you to a number of risks. It is not a very prudent idea to wipe the lens every now and then. It is better that you spend a little more and get a high-quality snorkeling mask that has an anti-fogging layer embedded.

2. Usage comfort

This is something a snorkeling mask must-have. When you buy the mask check for the comfort factor. The majority of scuba masks are made with an adjustable strap and that can be used as per your face shape and size. This will ensure you can enjoy snorkeling without any fuss for a long time. An ill-fitting mask will make you feel like leaving the activity soon. It can also make viewing things underwater rather hard.

3. Seals

All snorkeling masks come with seals that ensure they sit snug on the face and do not fall off easily. The seals have to be of high quality. This ensures water does not get into your face easily. Water entry will lead to fogging and you will be forced to get out of the water and clear the mask. This mars the joy of snorkeling. What you actually need is getting a clear and unobstructed view underwater. That is why you need a snorkeling mask that lets you see crystal clear. There can be another hassle. If the salty seawater actually gets inside a snorkeling mask, that will cause irritation to the eyes. So, you can understand why you have to use a snorkeling mask that has a tight seal in place.

4. Range of View

You can opt for snorkeling mask and goggles that offer varying ranges of view. There are frameless models too. The main objective here is not flaunting style or coolness though! You want to get a clear view of the marine setting. The full-face masks usually offer a maximum range of view. However, you can also pick from some other models. There are frameless designs which let you get a glimpse of underwater setting.

Features That You Need to Consider
Carefully While Purchasing
Snorkeling OTG Goggles

There are some snorkeling specific features that you have to look out for when shopping for a pair of Snorkeling OTG Goggles.

1. Flexibility

You are likely to use snorkeling gear in the vacations more than once. So, you should ideally look for a snorkel set that can be folded easily to pack into the bags. This makes it easy to pack the set even in backpacks or any travel bag. It is not about packing flexibility alone. The snorkel set must fit your face well enough. The easy to adjust set makes adjustments in the water simple. This is something any snorkeling lover will need, actually. When you dive deep into the sea, a little bit of adjustment will be necessary.

2. Dry Snorkel

This may sound somewhat paradoxical as snorkeling is done in the water! A dry snorkel has a valve at the end part of a tube sitting outside of water. This is what ensures no water seeps inside the mask easily. It is a necessary feature. You definitely do not want to swallow water while snorkeling. You may get hit by a wave and then it can occur- if you wear a loose mask. It is something the kids and casual swimmers need to be careful about. This kind of snorkel is ideal to cope with huge waves and rough water. A dry snorkel is what you need to dive into deep waters or in rough water without woes. It will also let you cope with the calm sea.

3. Purge Valve

The purge valve is actually a large opening at the base section of the snorkel. This is what masks cleaning simpler. For those snorkels that are not dry, it is necessary.

4. Mouthpiece

You have to ensure the mouthpiece of the snorkel you use fits comfortably in the mouth. It is better if you opt for a set with a flexible silicone piece. These models are easy to fit in the mouth. If the mouthpiece is not flexible enough, you will not get the best experience while snorkeling. It is a fact that a lot of snorkelers need to surface a lot of the times just because the mouthpiece is ill-fitting. Certainly, you do not want such experiences.

Best 5 Snorkeling Masks (Goggles)
That Can worn Over Prescription Glasses

Listed here are some worthy snorkel masks that you can check out:

1. COPOZZ Scuba Mask, Snorkeling Dive Glasses

Twin-Lens Panoramic View – This Fashion oriented frame snorkel mask having twin-lens offers an awesome 180-degree view so that you can explore underwater without woes. The soft silicone-based 3d sealing face gasket is high quality and wide in shape. It molds to your face easily. You can, therefore, snorkel in style.

Tempered Glass Lenses – This snorkel mask having shatter-resistant glass lenses can cope with deep water pressure. The Scratching resists lens ensures you get crystal clear view even after prolonged usage.

One-way Purge Valves – As and when you dive, the top valve automatically seals the tube. As a result, no water can get inside the snorkel tube. You do not get choked easily. There are no woes involved. The bottom valve also ensures water does not seep inside the mask. It ensures you breathe easy while doing lap swimming.

High-end Snorkel Mouthpiece – The Quick release snorkel buckle gets attached to the mask with ease. The Flexible tube has a soft silicone mouthpiece which is ergonomically made for a great fit. The advanced comfortable mouthpiece ensures jaw fatigue is minimal.

Adjustable Headband – Just pull the straps of this snorkel mask as per your needs and the buckle will stay in place. It can be used by almost any swimmer. This makes it ideal for activities like snorkeling, diving, etc. It is also right for snorkeling lovers.

2. AQUA A DIVE SPORTS Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask

Without a high-quality mask, you can’t expect to get great snorkeling as well as scuba diving experience. Nothing can be more irksome than wearing a mask that fogs up a lot while scuba diving or swimming. The AQUA A DIVE SPORTS mask is made with top-notch silicone which offers a comfortable, robust seal.


  • Flexible silicone Strap to ensure a Leak-Proof, Comfortable Seal: This soft silicone adjusts to facial contours. The watertight “leak-proof” seal ensures a better fit. There will be no hassles or leaks. It is so lightweight you may even forget you are wearing it.
  • PC-Glass Lens- The Plastic lenses may fog up soon. They are not much durable either. However, this PC-glass lens does not break easily or turn yellowish. It is also resistant to scratching and shattering.
  • One-Piece Lens- The single-lens ensures you get a clear and unobstructed view, all around.
  • Convenient Buckle for smooth Adjustment- The buckle adjusts so easily.

Want to know in which ways you may use this product?
You may swim in shallow waters or dive off a boat in calm coral reefs. It is ideal for all types of users and beginners as well.

3. Dry Snorkel Mask Set Snorkeling Gear

Dry-wet Switchable top Float Valve – The mask’s top float valve is removable and it can become a wet snorkel. The float valve may be taken off for deeper diving. When submerged, it thwarts water from entering. It is ideal for all types of users.

Purge Valve System – The The purge valve with a one-way opening ensures you can clear water for better breath control.

Foldable and suited for Traveling – The snorkel tube can be folded with ease. It is compact and so can be carried in small bags. You get a portable shoulder bag which adds to ease of usage.

180° Panorama No Leak Anti-Fog Seal Mask – The ergonomic, silicone mask sits snugly on the face. It is neither overly tight nor loose. Made with quality shockproof tempered glass, it resists fogging underwater. You get a clear 180° panorama view while snorkeling or swimming.

Adjustable for both the teens and adult users – The mask’s adjustable buckle and silicone mask band is elastic in nature. These can be adjusted to accommodate varying head sizes. Its quick-release buckle ensures you can wear the mask or ate it off easily at all times. There is no wobbling in the water. The mouthpiece can be replaced easily too.

4. WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set for Adults, Anti-Fog Coated Glass

Tempered glass with anti-fog coating – It offers Excellent under-water visibility. The goggles come with tempered glass and anti-fog treatment, which indicates that the underwater experience will be crystal clear viewing. The glass also comes with advanced lens shape design, which offers a wider and better vision underwater. This is a great option for beginners.

Great fitting for all – This adult’s snorkeling set is equipped with completely adjustable head straps and extremely high-quality silicone face skirt. As a result, the set fits all kinds of face shapes easily. The set comes with ribbed design for extra support and also provides a water-tight seal.

Top grade materials used – High quality, professional-grade materials are used for manufacturing of the snorkel and the mask. The mouthpiece and the silicon mask offer great comfort and have extensive longevity.

Full dry snorkel with purge valve + Splash Guard – The set comes with an advanced anti-splash system so that water cannot enter the snorkel. The purge valve ensures that water is cleared and drained out of the snorkel easily.

All our scuba diving equipment and snorkeling gears are completely tested and guaranteed. Our top priority is our customers. In the case of defective products, they will be replaced.

5. Supertip Snorkeling Freediving Mask

Anti-fog with clear view – The mask comes with tempered glass, which is covered with anti-fog film so that water vapor is absorbed fully and no fog is formed inside the mask. As a result, your view underwater remains clear at all times.

Adjustable straps – The mask comes with an adjustable and flexible silicone band, which can be adjusted for reducing head pressure easily.

Supreme quality – High-quality food silicone is made in the making of the scuba diving mask. As a result, the mask is safe for skin, comfortable and soft and works well for sensitive skin.

Anti-leak design – The seal of the diving mask is made of silicone and water is not able to enter the mask. Complete protection of the eyes is guaranteed.

Extreme impact resistance – The mask with tempered glass lens can withstand deep water pressure with ease.

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