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Best Skydiving Goggles over Glasses

Skydiving is something that the faint-hearted lot can’t cope with. It is for the brave adventure seekers who stop at nothing. Since it is a high-risk activity – you have to use the right gears. Jumping out of an airplane may seem cool. So, you need to ensure you use proper goggles for skydiving. That is a reason the seasoned skydivers use prescription skydiving goggles.

Best Skydiving OTG Goggles

1. Kroop’s I.K. 91 Skydiving Goggles

Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggles are designed for those daredevils who stop from nothing. I mean come on who on earth came up with this crazy idea of diving from an airplane? Well, since you have already made up your mind, allow me to explain you why you need to put your trust in this pair of Goggles. Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggles are strong and sturdy. Offering 100% protection from scratches, Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggles also offer protection to your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggles can take a lot of abuse and it also offers an undistorted view of the outside world.

Extremely lightweight, Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggles have got ample foam padding to cushion the impacts. The headband is non-slip in nature and that means, it will not fall off that easily and rarely it will change its position. Kroop’s I.K. 91 Goggles have also been treated with anti-fog coatings and these Skydiving goggles are also well ventilated.

2. Global Vision Sky Dive Goggles

Global Vision Sky Dive Goggles is a no-nonsense ski goggles which have been specifically designed to help skydivers to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience without facing any hassle whatsoever. The lenses are shatterproof and they offer 100% protection from UV rays of the sun. If you are looking for a pair of skydiving goggles that offer excellent peripheral vision, you should look no farther than Global Vision Sky Dive Goggles. Neoprene Foam Padding ensures extreme comfort. Overall, Global Vision Sky Dive Goggles is an excellent choice for all those skydivers who are looking for something affordable.

3. Birdz Eyewear 4 Skydive Sky Diving Goggles

Recommended by veteran skydivers, Birdz Eyewear 4 Skydive Sky Diving Goggles is definitely one of the best skydiving goggles that are available in the market at this price point. At this price, Birdz Eyewear 4 Skydive Sky Diving Goggles is practically a steal. Birdz Eyewear 4 Skydive Sky Diving Goggles offer superior peripheral vision and it comes attached with a highly adjustable head strap. Neoprene foam padding makes it super comfortable to wear and it also helps absorb impacts.  Shatterproof lenses offer superior protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

4. Birdz Thrush Sports Skydiving Goggles

Don’t get deceived by the low-profile design of Birdz Thrush Sports Skydiving Goggles because this pair of skydiving Goggles is known for offering a superior level of performance under extreme circumstances. Worried about the dust and debris? Well, nobody got time for that! Birdz Thrush Sports Skydiving Goggles is strong and sturdy enough to keep your eyes protected no matter what. the double-sided anti-fog coating has further added to its overall awesomeness and its lenses are 100% shatterproof, which is just remarkable. Superior peripheral vision is what you can expect from Birdz Thrush Sports Skydiving Goggles and that too without spending a ton of money on it.

How to Choose The Right
Skydiving OTG Goggles  

Dual Vent Lenses and Facial seal

The Prescription skydiving goggles come with built-in ventilation systems and that make these suited for skydiving. The frames are designed to support prescription glasses. People usually do not wear contact lenses for skydiving as they get knocked out in free-falling situations at high altitudes.

You need to think of safety as well as ease of usage when shopping for skydiving goggles. The most vital thing is you should get visual clarity. As a solo skydiver, you have to get everything organized including parachute, landing gear, and other stuff. There is risk involved in the activity and that makes using the right gears including goggles so important.

As a matter of fact, the OTG prescription skydiving goggles tend to be thick. They have twin vent lenses and there are cutouts at the top section so that ventilation is not affected. This helps prevent fogging and sweating while you use the goggles at high altitudes or amidst cold weather conditions.

Anti-Fog Coating

Higher altitudes can create foggy conditions. The Prescription skydiving goggles, therefore, should have an anti-fog layer on the lens exterior. When hot air piles up inside the lens and outside air is quite cold, an is likely to occur. In fact, it can form faster than you expect.

The top-notch skydiving goggles have anti-fog coatings along with dual-layered lenses free-falling so that visual clarity is not affected. Ideally, you should wear top-notch goggles just before making the jump. This will ensure the fogging or condensation on the lenses does not occur easily.


You need to buy Prescription skydiving goggles that have high quality for sure. This is not an area where you would like to cut corners. They are usually made in a process known as injection molding with polarized film inside. The injection molding is one method used by the brands selling such goggles. The other method is a flat sheet of the lens with a polarizing film lens on the lens’s other side. It is better that you have a set made with an injection molding method.

They mold it out according to lens shape with a polarizing filter staying in the middle. This method eventually helps in the bending of the film and any distortion caused by it. The users dual-layered obtain a clear view through prescription skydiving glasses.

Intensity Of Visual Clarity

Under any situation, a skydiver needs to have a clear vision. Naturally, clear peripheral vision is necessary the and that has to be analyzed before buying any model of prescription sports goggles. Mid-air collisions can prove to be fatal. So, it is better that you buy goggles with wrap around glasses for a better experience.

What Are The Best OTG Skydiving Goggles?

If you sue regular goggles minus full headband, using it with the sky diving helmet will not yield good results. What you need to use is a set of OTG Skydiving Goggles having robust side arms and a good fit. high-risk will be good when you have the helmet atop with the inner full foam wind gasket.

The gasket will offer full coverage to your eye contour and also block wind penetration very well. You can think of it as a suitable set of prescription sports goggles. The top-notch skydiving goggles have foam gasket which can qualify for. This ensures you can use the glasses elsewhere with leisure sunglasses look.

Skydiving OTG Goggles FAQs

Q: Why Do We Need To Wear Skydiving Goggles?

Ans: The professional Skydivers wear goggles to safeguard the eyes during freefall. When the wind speed can reach around 120mph, your eyes can be impacted. Wearing suitable skydiving goggles to ensure the eyes don’t dry out at high altitudes.

You have to remember the skydiving goggles are not on par swimming goggles. They are not exactly like skiing goggles. These goggles do not pose blockade to the views. These goggles offer broad views on all sides and come with small holes to enable ventilation. These prevent fogging up of the lenses in the goggles.

Q: Is It Possible To Wear The Skydiving Goggles Atop Contact Or Eyeglasses?

Ans: The answer to this query is yes! There are skydiving goggles that can be put over the eyeglasses without woes. This can be good if you want to get maximum clarity when you skydive. Those who wear contact lenses can wear goggles. However, in that case, the ventilation holes have to be blocked so that the lenses stay in place.

Q: Why Lens Brightness Is Important?

Ans: The majority of skydivers like using a non-tinted lens so that they can maintain easy eye contact with fellow skydivers when they are diving as a team. However, you may opt for lenses which are tinted and not transparent- based on user need. The high-end skydiving goggles have photochromatic light adjustment features in the lenses. This helps the users adapt their eyes to any lighting condition.

The goggles with high impact Polycarbonate material serve well as prescription skydiving goggles. This can be handy if you collide with a bird or anything in the sky.

Last modified: March 19, 2020