Best OTG Goggles for Airsoft

OTG Goggles Airsoft

Apart from the brain, the second most treasured part of the human body is the eyes. To ensure your eyes are safe from danger, you need to adopt certain precautions at home and in the workplace.

However, it is necessary that you select eyewear with care. There are different types of goggles and each is meant for a specific purpose. Swimming goggles are meant for swimmers and those in military forces wear specially made goggles. Those eyewear are not meant for daily or casual use.

In any case, you should wear goggles that meet your usage needs. Airsoft goggles actually do not cost a lot more than most other types of goggles you can find in the market! After all, no eyewear is more expensive than your vision.

How to choose the top Airsoft Goggles
Vision Protection

Safeguarding your eyeglasses is what you need and that is why you should invest in the airsoft goggles. These goggles are enough to ensure your expensive glasses stay safe no matter where you go. Usually, the presence of a metal mesh offers adequate safety against airsoft BBs, but point-blank shots may shatter the mesh. This can put your glasses and eyes in danger.

Despite the risk, some airsoft warriors opt for the metal mesh for top-notch breathability. This explains why having features like ventilation and anti-fog measures are important for the plastic airsoft facemasks and goggles.


When you buy airsoft goggles, do not make the mistake of overlooking the strap. The straps are what keep the goggles stuck to the face at all times.

A pair of high-quality airsoft goggles usually comes with adjustable straps. It makes it super easy to adjust the goggles so that the glasses can be accommodated inside.  You also need to think of the strap material in these goggles while buying. Some airsoft goggles are made with elastic straps. However, these straps may not last for a long time.

The substitute for elastic straps is straps made using the same material as the car seatbelt. It may not be as flexible as elastic based ones but durability wise, these fare better. Tight elastic straps may cause headaches at times.


If you use a poorly ventilated mask, the result will be foggy goggles. You may also cope with shortness of breath and sweating. Poor ventilation is often caused by the plastic airsoft goggles that have fewer ventilation holes. The best thing that you can do in this regard is buying goggles with anti-fog technologies embedded.

If you’re seeking a full mask for safeguarding your face, and the glasses, there is a way out. Go for a mask with inbuilt fans that circulate air inside. This ensures you can breathe well and the fogging woes are minimized.


Airsoft is an intensely exhilarating sport that can be played for hours and that means, you need to find a pair of airsoft goggles that can be worn for hours without feeling any discomfort. A pair of loose-fitting airsoft goggles can distract you in the game and that means, you will end up missing your target. The pair of airsoft goggles that you end up purchasing at the end should be highly adjustable in nature otherwise you are going to face a barrage of problems. Vented panels are a must because they help you keep cool. Apart from that, airsoft goggles should be lightweight as well otherwise


Airsoft Goggles should be strong enough to withstand impacts and at the same time, they should meet all the safety standards set by the authority. Make sure that the airsoft goggles that you decide to buy at the end are scratch-resistant otherwise, they are of no good. It should be good enough to protect your eyes from dust and debris.


The lenses should be coated with anti-fog coating otherwise you might have a hard time fighting off your opponents. Lenses of airsoft goggles should offer protection from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. In case you are worried about HEV radiation, you should have a pair of airsoft goggles that have a dual-panel lens.


In order to maintain body temperature, airsoft goggles should have vented panels. Vented panels will ensure proper airflow and that means, your face will not get too hot.

Best 6 OTG Goggles Airsoft

1. Freehawk Tactical Airsoft OTG Goggles

Freehawk Tactical Airsoft OTG Goggles offers the most bang for the buck. Freehawk Tactical Airsoft OTG Goggles do help to block the glares and that means, you will be able to concentrate more on the game. This pair of airsoft Goggles do help you block the icy cold wind from freezing your eyes. Freehawk Tactical Airsoft OTG Goggles also help you see things clearly in low light conditions. Freehawk Tactical Airsoft OTG Goggles also offer a decent level of protection from UV rays and they are shatter-proof as well. Freehawk Tactical Airsoft OTG Goggles have got a well-ventilated design that ensures proper airflow.

2. Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical OTG Goggles

Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical OTG Goggles have got three different types of lenses to allow you enjoy the outside world in a never before way. The Grey lens used by this Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical OTG Goggles is ideal for blocking the glares of the sun but the good thing about this lens is that it does not distort the view in one way or the other. The Yellow Lens helps to block the blue light and thus allowing you to experience the natural world in a never before way.

Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical OTG Goggles have got a low-profile design and are strong enough to resist impacts. Keeping the goggles tight is an adjustable headband. Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical OTG Goggles offer protection from UV400 protection.

3. XAegis Airsoft OTG Goggles

XAegis Airsoft OTG Goggles sit well on the face and rarely do you feel any discomfort while wearing it for long hours. No matter bad the conditions are outside, you can put your trust on XAegis Airsoft OTG Goggles. Anti-fog coating lenses of this pair of XAegis Airsoft OTG Goggles provide a superior level of protection from the UV rays of the Sun. The TPU frame of this pair of XAegis Airsoft OTG Gogglesis extremely soft.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sports, XAegis Airsoft OTG Goggles offer the best bang for your buck. Proper airflow is maintained to keep the lenses free of fog and offer maximum protection from dust and debris.

4. Bangerz HS-OTG Googles

Bangerz HS-OTG Googles are designed in such a way to ensure that people face very little discomfort while wearing it over prescription glasses.  Bangerz HS-OTG Googles don’t make any kind of sacrifice on the field vision while making this pair of Airsoft Goggles 100% safe. Protect your eyes from injuries with Bangerz HS-OTG Googles and that too without spending a lot of money.

The polycarbonate lenses are shatter-proof and scratch-resistant. Keeping the eye guard in place is the padding that helps absorbing shocks from impacts. The strap is highly adjustable and offers maximum comfort.

5. Rothco OTG Ballistic Goggles

Rothco OTG Ballistic Goggles have got ample space inside to allow you to wear prescription glasses underneath. You can even wear sunglasses underneath this. On each side, movable hinges are attached and this is what helps this pair of airsoft OTG Goggles to stay securely. Comfort is maintained by maintaining airflow inside this pair of Airsoft Goggles. Bottom and top vents ensure optimal airflow. Rothco OTG Ballistic Goggles also offer protection to your eyes from UV rays.

6. Fansport Airsoft Mask OTG Tactical Goggles

Fansport Airsoft Mask OTG Tactical Goggles have got Polycarbonate lens that can easily withstand high impacts with ease. Soft foam is used inside this pair of Fansport Airsoft Mask OTG Tactical Goggles and it ensures superior comfort.

The strap is highly adjustable and the lenses are highly transparent allowing you to have a clearer view of the outside world. Made from breathable fabrics, Fansport Airsoft Mask OTG Tactical Goggles can be worn for long hours without encountering issues like fogging etc. Fansport Airsoft Mask OTG Tactical Goggles are both scratch-proof and wind-proof.

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