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Best Field Hockey Goggles (Over The Glasses)

Hockey is quite fast paced and the players need to use suitable gears to protect their body parts, for sure. Apart from protecting other body parts, you need to wear suitable eye wear for playing field hockey. The eyes are your assets and you cannot put on just any goggles. This is applicable no matter if you play hockey casually or are a veteran hockey player. The present generation hockey goggles not only offer good protection from hits and balls but they also look stylish.

You will need to check out a few hockey goggles models before zeroing in on the right one.  

Best OTG Goggles for Field Hockey

Here is a list of most popular Goggles that are mainly worn by field hockey players. Take a look and let us know what you think about these field hockey goggles –

1. Bangerz OTG Field Hockey Goggles

Bangerz Field Hockey Goggles can be worn over prescription glasses which is impressive. Polycarbonate lens are used in the making in this field hockey goggles which is a plus. Bangerz Field Hockey Goggles offer superior field of vision irrespective of the weather conditions. It will keep your eyes protected from harms way no matter what and it does not make you feel uncomfortable when worn over prescription glasses.  

Lightweight and sturdy, Bangerz Field Hockey Goggles are highly resistant to shocks. It can easily absorb a lot of shocks. It has got a vented design that ensures great air flow and the lenses are treated with anti-fog coatings. The strap is highly flexible and adjustable. It also meets all ASTM F2713 regulations.

2. Harrow X Vision Field Hockey Goggle

Harrow X Vision Field Hockey Goggle is known for their legendary strength and durability. Designed specifically absorb impacts, Harrow X Vision Field Hockey Goggle is extremely lightweight too. You will hardly realize that you have put it on for hours as this pair of Field Hockey Goggles never makes you feel uncomfortable.

Harrow X Vision Field Hockey Goggle is extremely sturdy and made from premium quality material and thus it will probably last longer than your previous pair of field hockey Goggles. Made in Taiwan, Harrow X Vision Field Hockey Goggle offers superior field of vision and rarely interfere with your playing style in one way or the other.

3. STX Field Hockey Youth 2See Goggles

STX Field Hockey Youth 2See Goggles are ideal for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a pair of field Hockey Goggles. This particular pair of field hockey Goggles has got a nice design and is extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. Silicon padding makes it even more comfortable and it also helps perfecting the fittings.

The best thing about its silicon padding is that it does not absorb any sweats or moisture. Easy to clean, STX Field Hockey Youth 2See Goggles is the best field hockey goggles that you can purchase at this price point.

4. Adidas Field Hockey Goggles

Adidas Field Hockey Goggles is definitely a pair of premium field hockey goggles that you can put on without worrying about the quality. It has got a low-key design and has got sturdy wire frames that offer superior level of protection from impacts. The wires are made from Titanium and that means, they are extremely durable in nature. Offering ergonomic fitting, Adidas Field Hockey Goggles are extremely lightweight. The strap is itself odor resistant which is definitely a big plus.

5. Hummingbird Sports Women’s Hero Goggles

Hummingbird Sports Women’s Hero Goggles are ideal for field hockey players. Lycra and Micro-cellular foam are used in the making of the padding layer. Highly customizable in nature, the angle of the Hummingbird Sports Women’s Hero Goggles can be adjusted easily and effortlessly.

The bars are made from carbon steel that has been hardened over and over to increase the strength. The goggles are made from premium quality nylon. Overall, Hummingbird Sports Women’s Hero Goggle is a decent quality field hockey goggles that you can purchase without a second thought.

Things To Analyze When Shopping For Field Hockey Goggles

There are so many brands selling hockey goggles these days and you have to assess the models using a handful of parameters.

1. Type of goggles

The Field hockey goggles are sold in 2 main types- wireframe and clear lens. The clear lens is made of transparent plastic material. The wireframes are metal based and are used a lot by the hockey players. However, not every player is comfortable using the wireframes. It can hinder peripheral sight and may also cause injuries at times. This is where clean lens type has a decided advantage. However, it is ultimately for the player to decide what is most comfortable for his/her usage needs.

2. Durability

In hockey, your face may get hit by speeding balls. You may also fall sometimes or accidentally collide with the other players during intense gameplay. So, the hockey goggles that you buy must be built robustly. If you choose the wireframe-based models, ensure the wireframe is actually comfortable on the skin. This will help you evade getting bruised while playing. Even if you pick a clear lens-based model, the material should be hardy enough to withstand the impact of a speeding ball.

3. Weight

While playing hockey, you need suitable attire and gears that protect your body while not affecting agility adversely! The same logic is applicable about the goggles you use. If the goggles are heavy, you may not feel good while playing. You can check out the lightweight but ruggedly built models. It is better if the goggles have some amount of inner side padding.

4. Size of lens

The size of the hockey goggles is something you have to analyze with care. The right sized goggles are something you absolutely need when playing hockey. An ill-fitting goggle may make you feel uneasy and that may affect performance on field. Too tight goggles are not recommended either as these will also make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, check the fit of the goggles when you buy.

Summing It Up

Buying the apt hockey goggles should not be too hard when you know the priority. You may also want to check out goggles that can be used atop prescription glasses. You may want to check out such goggles well if you buy from a shop. If you buy these online, go through the product descriptions as well as user reviews.

Last modified: March 19, 2020