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Best MTB Goggles Over Glasses

Best MTB OTG Goggles

People usually wear glasses or goggles for safeguarding their eyes. However, not every goggles unit you find in the market is same or offer same level of coverage for your eyes. When you look for MTB goggles a few factors have to be analyzed well:

1. Fit

The goggles must fit your face and eye contour really well. Otherwise, it will get loose or fall off whenever you make fast movements. That can be quite annoying. Ill fitting goggles may also put you into risky situations.

2. Durability

Based on your usage needs, the goggles may get exposed to weather elements frequently and wear and tear is bound to happen. So, you need to think of the build quality before shelling out the money. It makes sense to look for the units that come with replaceable straps.

3. Price

Of course, you have a budget for everything you buy including goggles. There is no denying the fact that costlier goggles offer enhanced optical clarity. The expensive models also come laden with more features than their cheaper counterparts, for sure.

4. Field of View

Goggles are meant to safeguard your eyes from dust and debris. However, you also need to wear goggles that offer clear view at front and both sides. Usually, the units with bulky frames tend to hinder visibility sideward.

5. Lens

The lens of the goggles is another factor you cannot overlook. The lens may be curvy but that should not cause distortions to vision. It makes sense to buy units with scratch resistant lens, more so if you are into adventure sports.

You can also find goggles laden with replaceable lenses. Buying such units makes it easy to use one goggles unit in multiple situations easily. On sunny, bright days, you can put in a polarized lens. You can use lenses for enhanced clarity as well. There are high-contrast type lenses that help in making things appear lit up.

6. Ease Of Usage/Comfort

The goggles you wear should be easy on your nose and eyes. You cannot overlook the padding for comfort. There are units that come with foam-based padding. This is quite important when you wear goggles for several hours. The nose bridge is another thing you have to check when buying goggles.

It would be prudent to check a goggles unit for comfort at the store. Wear it and walk for a while to find out how comfortable it is. It should not be loose. It should not put pressure on your nose either. He ultimate experience depends on shape and size of your nose as well.

7. Ventilation

If you buy goggles lacking adequate Ventilation options, the result will be sweating around the eye contour. You will find it hard to see things around if the goggles develop fogging every now and then. So, ensure you buy a ventilated unit.

8. Coverage

You may think why you would need to invest in goggles if you already have sunglasses. The fact is goggles offer superior eye coverage and protection compared to ordinary sunglasses. Goggles can safeguard your eyes better from the dust particles and small debris. It is also better at sealing the eye contour from gusts of wind and rain.

Last modified: September 9, 2020