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Best Motorcycle Goggles for The Glasses Wearers

Best Motorcycle Goggles for The Glasses Wearers

Those with eyesight issues find it exceptionally hard to engage in activities like football, swimming, and cycling. It can be even more tedious when they do not have the option to wear contact lenses. Prescription glasses can sometimes bleed your wallet and these are not what you will prefer wearing when you ride on Motorcycle!  No one would like to get his/her lenses and frames damaged.

However, the good thing is that several brands offer OTG goggles these days and these can be set up on your spectacles. These motorcycle Goggles can be used outside and you can enjoy the time without worrying about UV rays and harsh sunlight etc.

OTG Motorcycle Goggles are typically larger than the standard goggles. They are also a bit wider. Motorcycle OTG Goggles are made in a way so that the wearers can get optimal comfort and vision no matter what while they are riding.

There are some types of motorcycle Goggles that you can buy. You may use them for wearing in a city or for highway driving too. Listed here are some inherent benefits of using motorcycle Goggles that can be put atop regular specs.

Best 5 Motorcycle Goggles Over Glasses

1. Pacific Coast Airfoil OTG Riding Goggles

People who wear large frame glasses while riding a bike might find this pair of Pacific Coast Airfoil OTG Riding Goggles extremely useful. Pacific Coast Airfoil OTG Riding Goggles is extremely well-built and is designed to allow people to ride in extreme conditions. Pacific Coast Airfoil OTG Riding Goggles stay put which is nice and it does not allow water to get into it thanks to the inclusion of foam gasket seal.

Pacific Coast Airfoil OTG Riding Goggles is splash resistant and offers protection from UV rays of the sun. Unobstructed Field of view is what you can expect if you decide to put your money on this pair of Pacific Coast Airfoil OTG Riding Goggles.

2. Biker Armour OTG Riding Goggles

Biker Armour OTG Riding Goggles have got impact-resistant lenses. Yellow lenses add to the clarity and it has got a nice sleek design. The strap is made from premium quality materials and it is highly adjustable. To keep your eyes protected from debris and dirt, foam seal is being used in this motorcycle OTG goggles. Now, if you like riding in the summer, you are in for luck. This foam seal will absorb the sweat from your head and thus help you stay cool during summer.

Biker Armour OTG Riding Goggles allow air to flow directly into the goggles to stop fogging. The frame is almost indestructible and is made from Polycarbonate.

3. BATFOX Motorcycle Goggles

If you are looking for decent quality motorcycle goggles without spending a ton of money on it, Batfox Motorcycle Goggles should be on the top of your list. It offers sung fitting and the elastic band is good too. The lenses are made from premium quality materials but they are both impact-resistant and scratch-resistant.

4. ‘Fit Over Glasses’ Anti-Fog Riding Goggles

The lenses of ‘Fit Over Glasses’ Anti-Fog Riding Goggles are as clear as the sky. Most reviewers have said that this pair of Anti-Fog Riding Goggles perform excellently in almost all type of weather conditions except rainy weather. This pair of Anti-Fog Riding Goggles is ideal for those people who wear prescription glasses. The lenses are windproof, waterproof and are treated with anti-fogging technology.

It is lightweight too and can block wind and thus helping you keep your eyes protected from the icy wind. The lenses are highly transparent and you will experience zero fogging.

5. Jamiewin Adult Motorcycle Motocross Goggles

Jamiewin Adult Motorcycle Motocross Goggles will keep your eyes protected from sunlight, snow, rain, dust, dirt, and wind. The lenses are colorful and they are impact resistant. Jamiewin Adult Motorcycle Motocross Goggles has got an excellent ventilation system that will prevent fogging at all costs. Around the frame is a soft sponge that ensures comfortability. Highly efficient ventilation is in place and this is what is helping heat to dissipate easily and effortlessly. The strap is made from premium quality elastic and it is non-slip by nature.

Advantages Of Using Motorcycle Goggles

Indents for Glasses

The OTG goggles are created with special indents so that they can be set atop the specs. They also have frames that are flexible to accommodate different sized eyewear without causing damage or inconvenience. This ensures the spec inside does not slide sideways or pop out. The foam interior is made with cut-outs that enable the glasses to fit onto the exterior goggles with ease. You can be assured of your spec set getting readier for those long highway drives. Even if you get knocked or fall, the eyewear will not shatter easily.


The OTG goggles are laden with inner padding for offering extra comfort as well as additional protection from hazards like wind and dust. These can irritate your eyes when driving at high speed. The padding also helps in diminishing pressure on the temples- more so when wearing for long stretches. The padding can also protect it from getting damaged easily.

Transitional Lens

The high-end OTG goggles usually come with lenses that change shades based on lighting conditions. This ensures you can ride wearing these goggles-even when the sun is shining or on nights.

Enhanced Field of Vision

The goggles that are meant for fitting atop glasses typically have a wider field of vision. The field of vision refers to both vertical and horizontal views. It is ideal for safe driving-whether you are on congested urban roads or on highway with speeding vehicles around! These goggles will fit over the regular prescription glasses. It is not a good and practical idea to buy OTG goggles that have a similar size to the prescription glasses. This can hamper your peripheral vision and driving can be risky, more so in a night time. Without a broad field of vision, riding with such goggles can be risky.

Can Be Used Sans Glasses

The good thing about the OTG goggles is that they can be used even without specs. For example, they can be used by those who wear prescription contact lenses. All you need to do is adjusting the strap so that they fit on the eyes well. In fact, you can also wear these glasses atop the non-prescription sunglasses. These can be useful when the sun is very bright and you are in a mountainous region where glares and reflection can be high.

No Difference To Experience

The OTG goggles don’t miss out on major features found in the regular motorcycle goggles. They have embedded anti-fogging properties, UV repellant coating, and smart contour fit. These ensure the wind cannot get into your eyes when you drive. These goggles are comfortable to use and are quite lightweight.

The OTG Goggles are also good for keeping dust and small particles away from the eyes-when you drive. The majority of OTG goggle pairs feature swappable lenses. These lenses can be swapped for smoked or tinted lenses-as per your penchant.

Multi-Purpose usage

It would be wrong to think that you can use these OTG goggles only when you ride bikes! On the contrary, you can use them in many other situations. These can be worn when you indulge in activities like swimming, extreme adventure sports, and bicycle riding. In some situations, using only spectacles would lead to the end of their lifespan. So, you will be saving money even if you find the price tag of a set of OTG goggles to be quite high!

Motorcycle OTG Goggles Buying Guide


To buy the right Motorcycle OTG goggles, you need to measure the face carefully. These goggles come in varying sizes. Nowadays, some brands sell goggles that are meant for all sizes but you should get a model that fits your face perfectly well. You may measure the width of your face by checking the temple to temple distance. Then measure the death and this can be done by starting from the cheekbone’s middle and ending at the eyebrow. It is also important that you measure the face size while wearing prescription eyewear. This will ensure you get apt measurement based on which the OTG goggles can be bought.

Compatibility With The Helmet

Of course, you would not be riding a bike without helmets! Unless you go for the half-face helmets, your Motorcycle OTG goggles should fit inside the helmet well. If you buy a set of OTG goggles with very large frames that may collide with the helmet’s front shield. Even wearing OTG goggles that is too small in size will cause some amount of discomfort. If you already have a helmet, take it along with when you shop for the OTG goggles. If that is not the case, buy a helmet that fits well over the OTG glasses. You can enquire about such helmets at shops while buying or check out brand websites.

Fit Of The Goggles

The Motorcycle OTG goggles have to fit well, more so when you plan to use them for long driving sessions. It should not be too loose and very tight goggles will also make you feel uneasy. The goggles must not pinch the nose bridge. The straps may be adjustable but there should be enough ventilation so that the eye contour does not get sweaty. Also, ensure the straps do not cut into the skin much.

In case you feel the eye socket is experiencing too much pressure, opt for a goggle with a larger frame area. The pressure exerted by the Motorcycle goggle frames may be reduced by loosening the strap and opting for bigger frames. By tightening the strap, you can ensure the OTG goggles do not slip off the nose bridge. Ideally, you buy such goggles from a regular shop.

How To Care For Your Accessories

No matter what type of OTG goggles you buy, only proper are can ensure its longevity. The lens quality is what matters in the long run. As a precaution -evade the habit of putting the goggle on any surface with the lens down. This will ensure the lens does not get scratched. The UV layer coating will also be unharmed. Take care when cleaning the goggles. Always use microfiber type clothes to clean the goggles. Do not dry the goggle near heat sources. It is also necessary that you keep the goggles stored inside suitable cases with micro-fiber lining.

Last modified: September 9, 2020