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Best Lacrosse OTG Goggles

Lacrosse is a fast-paced and high-contact game. This is a game that is definitely not designed for the faint-hearted. Here you will get hit by opponent players and if you are not properly armed with the right set of lacrosse gears, you might end up having serious eye injuries. This is the reason why it makes sense that you purchase a pair of goggles that are specifically designed for lacrosse. Lacrosse balls tend to move around in the field at high speed and god forbid, if it hits your eyes directly, it can have serious impacts.

So, better safe than sorry. Moreover, companies have now come up with a breed of new lacrosse goggles that can be worn over prescription glasses. So that means, the days of choosing between protecting your eyes and having a better field vision is over. All you have to do is to find a pair of lacrosse OTG goggles and you can enjoy the best of the both worlds. Is not that sound awesome? Of course, it is.

Now, the problem is that they are so many varieties of lacrosse Goggles available in the market that you might find it increasingly difficult to find the one that meets all the rules and regulations.

Best 4 lacrosse Goggles that Can be Worn Over Prescription Glasses

1. STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles

STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles offers superior protection against impacts without making any kind of sacrifice on the comfort front. Known for its versatility, STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles have got a low-key design. These lacrosse OTG goggles meet all the new 2020 Lacrosse playing rules and it is SEI certified too. The silicon padding offers superior fittings and it is extremely easy to clean as well.

2. STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles for Women

STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles are specifically designed for the women’s lacrosse players who just don’t want to make any sacrifice on the comfort front. SEI certified, STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles flaunt oval structure that ensures better field vision. The wire construction of this OTG Lacrosse Goggles no way interfere with your playing style or ability. You can rest assured that the silicon padding will not be absorbing any moisture or sweat.

3. Bangerz HS-OTG Googles

Bangerz HS-OTG Googles ensure maximum comfort for those players who have to wear prescription glasses while playing lacrosse. Polycarbonate lens is definitely one of its unique features and since this pair of Lacrosse OTG Goggle is lightweight, you will feel uncomfortable in one way or the other. Bangerz HS-OTG Googles also have got ample paddings that help to cushion the impacts and the padding also helps to keep the eye guard in place. Bangerz HS-OTG Googles are also resistant to shocks and scratches. Bangerz HS-OTG Googles also meet ASTM F803-03.

4. Cascade Iris Lacrosse Goggle

Cascade Iris Lacrosse Goggle is another no-nonsense lacrosse OTG goggles that you can purchase without burning a hole in your pocket. Wire constructions eliminate airflow problems and this pair of lacrosse Goggles is also resistant to scratches and fogging. Cascade Iris Lacrosse Goggle meets ASTM standards for both the youth and adult lacrosse.

Last modified: July 19, 2020