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TYR Swimming Goggles

TYR Swimming Goggles

The TYR (pronounced “TIER”) brand name is internationally recognized as a market leader in competition swimming gear, and TYR Swimming Goggles in particular have a worldwide reputation for quality and performance. The company was first established in 1985 by Olympic swimming medalist and team captain Steve Furniss, with the aim of creating technologically-advanced products for top athletes. Nowadays TYR still focuses on swimwear and equipment for competitive triathlon and swimming events, but they have also dedicated themselves to affordability and practicality. Anyone from a seasoned professional to an amateur enthusiast can enjoy the TYR brand.

TYR Swimming Goggles – Uniquely Different

When it comes to goggles, TYR stands out from the crowd. The company concentrates a large amount of research and development on continually updating the materials, shapes, and styles that are used in their goggle designs. As a result, the goggles are as fast and advanced as they can possibly be, and are regularly used by professional sports men and women. Part of the success of their swimming goggles and masks is that each pair is precision-formed to suit a specific swimming discipline.

TYR’s focus on updating athletic technologies often leaves other manufacturers struggling to catch up. For example, their Alchemy Project 12 wetsuits with turbo compression fabric and their carbon textile with its heart rate stabilizing fit are just two of the many revolutionary technologies that TYR have developed over the years. Their goggle designs have benefitted from their unique self-created Tracer and Technoflex technology.

While the main focus of TYR goggles is performance, appearance is in no way compromised. Nearly all goggle designs come in a range of colors and styles. They combine sleek shapes, quality materials, and secure fit to create a stunning and professional look.

Top TYR Swimming Goggles

TYR produce goggles for men, women, and children across three main swimming disciplines: racing, triathlon, and training. They have a wide range of options to choose from, and the following versions are just one example from each category:

1. Racing: TYR Tracer Racing Goggles

The anti-fog construction, UV protection, and lens shape on Tracer Racing Goggles are optimized for maximum peripheral vision and clarity. Their low profile design helps to increase swim speed by reducing drag. The pair also comes with a choice of five nose bridges and a fully adjustable head strap for a custom fit. Current Price: $16

2. Triathlon: TYR Special Ops Goggles

Special Ops TYR Goggles are designed to protect your eyes not only from water, but also from the rough environment of a triathlon. Their deep silicone eye cups shield eyes from any facial impact from heels or elbows during a tightly packed swim. The goggles also feature a sturdy one-piece molded polymer strap that will not snap whilst swimming. The Polarized lenses on the Special Ops help to reduce horizontal glare from water. Current Price: $29.99

3. Training: LGX4 Technoflex 4.O Goggles

Thermo plastic rubber (TPR) and Technoflex 4.0 technology have both been used to create goggles that are fast enough for racing, but comfortable enough for daily use during training. These goggles are made to fit a variety of face shapes and types for maximum versatility. Their strengthened frame makes them last longer and stay firmly in place, so that there are no annoying leaks. Current Price: $16

4. TYR Custom-Made Goggles

Custom goggles are available for any of TYR’s top designs, including Remix, Swimples, and Special Ops. Their fit, lens type, and color scheme can all be altered to suit your personal style and athletic needs. Prices start from: $14.99

The TYR Brand and The Competition

Unlike Barracuda, Speedo, and Zoggs Swimming Goggles, as well as other top manufacturers, TYR focuses less on recreational use and more on precision and performance based equipment. Every pair of goggles made by TYR uses uniquely specialized materials, shapes, and styles to create the fastest experience within each specific swimming discipline. Their pricing tends to be slightly higher than some other brands, but still well within the budget of any casual swimmer wanting top quality.

The company was first created by athletes, and throughout its history it has continued with the same competitive culture and dedication to improvement. Years of intensely striving to outdo the competition has meant that the TYR brand name can now be seen at nearly all major swimming events. TYR Swimming Goggles are proudly worn by Olympic gold medalists, Ironman world champions, and world record holders alike.

Last modified: April 19, 2020