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Snowboarding Goggles – The Ultimate Guide

snowboarding goggles

When it comes to snowboarding, goggles are probably one of the most important parts of equipment that you’ll need. Good snowboarding goggles will protect your eyes against bright sun, that can blind you while snowboarding, which can be pretty dangerous. You don’t want to see a tree, or some complex part of the track, when you are few feet away from it, don’t you? Since atmosphere is much thinner up in the mountains, UV rays are stronger, and you have to protect your eyes against it. They will also protect your eyes against wind, cold, snowflakes on a snowy day, and even branches and other small particles that could hurt your eyes.

One more thing you have to look after is if snowboarding goggles fit you good. You will move your head, and your whole body, in different directions, and you must make sure that goggles don’t slide. That can be accomplished with a good strap, that can be adjusted to fit the size of your head. Also, they should be designed the way to allow you perfect peripheral vision, and not interfere with it in any way.

There is a big chance that you’ll end up in fog at some point, and your goggles should have really good protection against that too. Good ventilation will help with that. Also, a good thing are double layered goggles, with an option to change outside lenses. That way they will be more versatile. If it’s a bright, sunny, day, you can use darker lenses to protect your eyes against sunlight. But, if it’s near dark, or if you’re outside on a cloudy day, you can use brighter lenses, that will provide better visibility.

Also, try to find some that are made of quality materials, and that have lenses with some anti scratching protection.

When you are buying snowboarding equipment, it’s advisable to buy snowboarding goggles and a helmet at the same time, so you can try both of them and see if they fit together. If you buy these separately, there is a chance that thy won’t fit, which can cause you great disappointment. When buying both things together, you can make sure that they fit and that goggles are not sliding away from helmet. If you already have one of these two things, you could take it with you when buying the other part, so you can try it on and see if it fit.

Don’t play cheap on this, as buying low quality snowboarding goggles can be counterproductive. Bad equipment of low quality can easily be damaged, and it won’t do it’s job good enough, which will directly affect your snowboarding experience. Even if you’ve just started and you are new in wonderful world of snowboarding, you should buy quality equipment, which will help you turn that into a nice experience.

Types of snowboarding goggles

All the people that love snowboarding know that their snowboarding equipment set is not complete without a pair of quality snowboarding goggles. They are very important part of gear, which are used to protect your eyes , and they also look pretty cool. Snowboarding goggles are also very useful if snow is falling, as they are giving much better visibility, while protecting your eyes from snowflakes.

Top reasons for wearing goggles:

  • UV protection (at high altitudes, atmosphere is thinner and UV rays are much stronger)
  • Protecting eyes against ice particles, which can cause injuries.
  • Strong wind can make your eyes tear, and it can also blur your vision. It can be dangerous on higher speeds.
  • Due to a thinner atmosphere and a lot of snow, sun reflection is much stronger, and goggles must protect your eyes.
  • Twigs and little branches can hit your eyes when you are going through the trees.

When buying snowboarding goggles, you can choose from variety of types and styles, depending on your needs. However, despite the looks and comfort goggles will give you, there are few things that you have to pay attention to. They should be lightweight and comfortable, so you can have them on your head for hours without any problems.

Lenses should be polycarbonate, with good UV protection. They should have a good wrap, to protect you against the wind and snow. This is not the part of gear that you should try to save money on, due to the fact that using cheap and bad snowboarding goggles can cause serious consequences. And, even if that doesn’t happen, they could get foggy and could be uncomfortable for long time wearing.

We can divide goggles in three price ranges, under $50, between $50 and $100, and $100 and more. Although these under $50 does not have to be bad, it’s advisable to buy at least these between $50 and $100. You can see a table of snowboarding goggles by price ranges and main features:

FeaturesUnder $50 $50 to $100$100 & More
Helmet compatibleYesYesYes
GenderUnisex onlyWomen’s and unisexWomen’s and unisex
UV protection100% 100%100%
Venting abilityFair Good to excellentExcellent
Frame paddingDouble TripleTriple
Eyewear compatibleNo SomeSome
Mirrored lensesNo YesYes
Lens shapeFlat Flat or spherical Spherical
Lens typeSingle or doubleDoubleDouble
Photochromic lensesNoNoSome
Polarized lensesNoYesYes
Interchangeable lensesNoSomeSome

Important tips on the Selection of Snow Goggles

When going to a ski trip, snowboarding or simply moving at a high speed for fun and sports, for example, it is highly recommended that you should not just walk into a shop when you get to the site and randomly choose one. This could result in one of or many regrets like – they may not fit too well; the color of the lens not appropriate for a cloudy mountain; they are not compatible with the particular helmet you are wearing; they cost too much yet not serving their purpose.

The most important requirement of your goggles is transparency or clarity and it should not fog because discomfort may ruin your well-planned day. You will also need goggles that provide adequate peripheral and downward view as well as shield from the elements. It is your mountain (if you want to believe so) and your fun time and it is crucial to have the correct tools.

When skiing or snowboarding, polarized lens are usually selected although some persons report that with this type of lens, particular mountainside elements like icy patches are more difficult to see. Others believe that its ability to conquer glare is to be considered so this is a personal choice you have to make. The snow goggles brands include (and not limited to) Oakley, Adidas, Dirty Dog, Bolle and Cebe. These boast great lenses, excellent clarity and face protection, anti-fogging and most of all affordable prices.

It can prove difficult to select from the many brands and features that are available, but choose you must. The lenses for snow goggles that are used for skiing usually have a yellow-orange color. This improves contrast by blocking any blue or hazy color so that you can see the bumps, shapes and objects more clearly. Bruce is wasting no time in going by the rules when it comes to getting goggles for his next trip. He will have a few tips to give to first timers after his disappointing experience.

These rules also include the following:

  • The snow goggles must provide protection from ultraviolet light because short term excess exposure to UV can result in painful eye sunburn and long-term exposure can permanently damage the eyes.
  • To avoid the inflated price, ensure that you purchase them prior to your mountain visit.
  • Select the most appropriate lens tint to make sure they are glare and distortion-free. Test them in relevant setting and lighting in accordance to their intended purpose.
  • Make sure they fit for long term comfort.
  • The goggles should be designed so that they can be worn without or with helmet.
  • Anti-fogging features are vital. Select goggles that have double lenses created to discourage any condensation from developing when warm breath air comes in contact with the coldness of the lens.

When winter season is starting, it means that it’s time for some adventure. A lot of people, including myself, are eagerly waiting for winter to come, so they can go out and have fun on the snow. Winter time can be full of adventures, especially if you are into some winter sport, like snowboarding. While you are waiting for winter to come, it would probably be a good time to inspect your gear, and see if you have to buy something new. Things, like snowboard goggles, are now cheaper than during the season, and you should use that. Also, you will be able to take your time while browsing new, and some old, models. Proper gear is of high importance, especially during the winter, when weather conditions can be extreme.

Although some people will say that they are only used to show around, be aware that snowboarding goggles are one of the most important parts of your gear, and something that you should dedicated special attention to. They will protect your eyes against all kind of things, like sun light, UV rays, strong and cold wind, snowflakes and even some branches or other things that can hurt your eyes pretty bad. Most of the snowboarding gear is designed to save you in case of an accident, and to help you avoid serious injuries, goggles can in many cases help you in avoiding accident.

Good pair of snow goggles will not only help you while snowboarding, as they can also be used while skiing, and you can even use them on your motorcycle. If you enjoy riding your bike during winter, you would probably want some good goggles. Since snowboarding goggles are designed to be used on high speeds during winter, you should consider buying them. And, if you’re also a snowboarding fan, you can kill two flies with one hit, and have all around goggles that can be used for everything. They will protect your eyes, and will also provide better vision during bad weather conditions.

While buying yourself a pair of snowboarding goggles, you shouldn’t care about prices. Of course, you don’t have to buy some top models if you don’t want to, but some mid-price would be advisable, as the cheapest models might be missing some key features. Here are few things that you should look after when buying your goggles:

  1. Good anti scratching protection – Small ice particles and other things can damage your goggles, and if they don’t have a good and quality lenses that are safe from scratching, they could become unusable pretty fast.
  2. Shattering Resistance – Having fun outside during winter is all about adventure, and you should have a pair of good and strong goggles, that won’t broke so easily.
  3. UV protection – Although most models do have full UV protection, just check for it on specification. Since atmosphere coat is much thinner in mountains, you should have good UV protection, to avoid any problems with your eyes.
  4. Fogging protection – make sure that your goggles have good ventilation and protection against fogging. It can decrease level of joy, and foggy goggles can also be very dangerous, especially on high speeds.

One really good feature would be an option to change lenses. Since different colors are used for different conditions, replaceable lenses can allow you to have optimal goggles, no matter if it’s sunny or cloudy, or if it’s night time. Some technically advanced snowboarding goggles have lenses that can dynamically change color, by a press of a button.

Last modified: March 23, 2020