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Best Lab Safety Goggles

No matter if you do chores at the house or work in a construction site, safeguarding your eyes from various hazards is a prerequisite. From dust particles to toxic fumes, many things can harm your eyes. That is why people use safety Goggles. They help prevent injuries as well as infections. They also help you get a clearer view of the areas.

It is a no brainer why you need to use protective eyewear if you work in a typical hazard-prone area. Your eyes are sensitive organs and they are very important. You need to safeguard the eyes at any cost. If you like working at the house sometimes or belong to the construction sector, protective Goggles can be a savior for your eyes and it can save you from bearing steep medical costs. However, there are many types of safety Goggles and you need to pick one as per your work type. The variety is astounding and you can find Goggles that can protect your eyes from hazards that can arise at workplaces. Your eyes get saved from chemicals, fumes and machine borne debris, etc.

However, the sheer variety of protective eyewear can make buying the apt model rather hard. So, to make your task easy, we have selected a handful of quality protective eyewear. They include Goggles having side shields that can safeguard the eyes from many hazardous objects. You will also find a few goggles on this list. These models offer even better protection from all possible types of injury to the eyes. You will also find eyewear that can be worn over your prescription glasses minus hassles. This way, you get clear visions no matter where you are.

Best 6 Lab Safety Goggles

1. TR Industrial Anti-Fog Approved Wide-Vision Lab Safety Goggle

  • The lens is impact-resistant and hardened with polycarbonate
  • Vents at sides for preventing liquid entry into goggles
  • Maximum comfort and protection offered by the extra soft wrap-around PVC frame
  • The design is of extra wide-angle vision
  • ANSI standard 287.1 sanctioned

2. DEWALT DPG82-11/DPG82-11CTR Concealer Safety Goggle

If you are looking for a goggle that offers protection from debris and dust, there is no better option than the DEWALT Concealer Safety Goggle. It is a twin mold safety goggle. The goggle also remains protected from scratches as it has DEWALT ToughCoat hard coated lens. This accessory also has DEWALT XtraClear anti-fog lens coating, which offers excellent tough protection during high fog.

For the face area specifically, there is the use of soft, dual-injected rubber so that a high level of protection is obtained from debris, dust and dirt. There is an adjustable head strap in the goggle as well, which is made of elastic cloth. There are many ventilation channels in the goggle offering easy breathability. ANSI 287.1+ standards are met with the use of a polycarbonate lens. Moreover, the goggle offers 99.9% protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun. One of the best safety goggles on offer at great rates.

  • Tough protection against scratches with DEWALT ToughCoat hard coated lens
  • Dual-injected soft rubber for adjusting to the face for providing required protection from debris, dirt, and dust
  • Excellent protection against fogging with DEWALT XtraClear anti-fog lens
  • Breathability is enhanced with ventilation channels and also offers additional protection against fogging
  • The head strap is made of elastic cloth and is adjustable providing a comfortable fit
  • Comes with comfortable elastic headband
  • Imported or made in the USA
  • Extra fog control and ventilation is offered by built-in ventilation channel
  • Overall highly comfortable twin-mold safety goggle

3. SolidWork Safety Goggles with universal fit

No pressure points – It sits snugly on the eyes owing to the blend of hard and soft components. It suits on varying face types.

Broad- field of vision – Owing to unique panoramic design, the field of vision is excellent offering optimum good protection to the eyes.

Money-back offers– SolidWork is confident in its product quality. So, the brand offers 1-year money back policy. If the user is not happy with the product, he/she can get the money back within 1 year of buying the safety glasses.

Ultimate wearing comfort – The safety goggles are adjustable and you get ultimate wearing comfort. You can feel comfortable no matter what your head shape is. These safety goggles eventually seal off the face from the surrounding.

Scratch-resistant, UV Protection and anti-fog coating – The goggles have a unique layer on the lens. The lens is scratch-resistant outside while the inside is fog-free. A special lens layer also safeguards your eyes from the menacing UV rays. It comes with US ANSI Z87+ certification.

4. Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles

Uvex Stealth is one of the popular goggles you can find in the market. It offers top-notch styling and excellent wearing comfort. You will stay safe from any chemical splash as well as impact. Uvex Stealth has toric lens design with Hydroshield AF layer. It features MMT elastomer body. The lens can be replaced easily.

It’s Contemporary, and low-profile design safeguards eyes from chemical splashes and impacts. The frame is prescription compatible. The Uvextreme anti-fog layer offers nice performance in all conditions and has a long lifespan. The clear toric lens offers awesome optics and visual range in all work environments. Lens replacement is easy and affordable.

The indirect ventilation system reduces fogging. US made and meets ANSI Z87+ level. Soft, elastomer body molds and matches face contour for comfortable, secure, gap-free fit. The quick-adjust neoprene headband is a joy to use.

5. Amston Safety Goggles

The Amston CPG84 Safety Goggles is what you need for professional-level safety. It can offer a shield to your eyes from things like sawdust, sand, splatters, impacts and more. When you work overhead, using glasses may not be enough. You will gain from using Amston Goggles. The polycarbonate lens adheres to ANSI Z87 standards. The goggles have a comfortable, flexible seal and ships with an adjustable fabric head strap.

It meets OSHA STANDARDS and so you can use it without woes at the construction job settings. It can also be used in industrial and other setups. You can wear goggles all day long and the experience will be absolutely comfortable. You may even fall asleep wearing the goggles- it is so soft on your face and eyes.

The wideband and adjustable head strap in it holds the goggles well in place and offers you the utmost comfort. In fact, you can wear it along with some popular protective equipment including helmet, dust mask. The latex-free and lightweight goggles offer wraparound full-view and save the eyes from hassles like chemical splash, debris, sand, mold and dust intrusion. It has a scratch-resistant coating and thwarts glare well.

You need not worry about the price tag as the company is offering Satisfaction Guarantee with 100% Money-Back policy.

6. Uvex Stealth OTG Safety Goggles

Protecting your eyes when you are at work is important. However, you cannot compromise on visual clarity. The Stealth OTG Safety Goggles offer perfect fit atop prescription eyewear. They also come with Dura-Streme dual anti-scratch/ anti-fog coating for ease of usage.

You get enhanced comfort owing to soft, elastomer body which offers a gap-free, comfortable fit. This ensures you get good protection from dust, chemical splashes and airborne particles. Its pivoting fabric headband offers a great fit and you can replace lens without bleeding the wallet.

Stealth OTG design fits well over your prescription eyewear. It safeguards the eyes from impacts as well as dust, chemical splashes, and airborne particles. A high-performance anti-fog/anti-scratch layer ensures you get a clear vision in any setting. You can use it indoors too.

The Soft, elastomer body conforms to face and eye contour for a gap-free, secure, comfortable fit. The quick-adjust headband offers a great fit. The easy and affordable snap-on lens replacement supports many hues. It fits atop most prescription eyewear.

Last modified: March 19, 2020