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Barracuda Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles

The basic categories for Barracuda brand goggles are men’s, women’s, junior, corrective, racing, and triathlon. The type and style that you purchase will depend on your facial structure, the type of swimming that you do, and whether you want corrective lenses or not. There are so many varieties of Barracuda goggles to choose from to make a perfect fit. There is also a wide selecdtion of colors for the goggles, such as basic white, blue, rose, clear, black, smoke, mirrored, or even violet.

Positive Pressure Seal

If you swim a lot, or swim competitively, it is very important to get great-sealing goggles. This allows you to focus on swimming, and not be distracted by poor-fitting goggles that you cannot see through.

Zoggs, Speedo, TYR Swimming Goggles and many others on the market use a suction seal to prevent water leakage into the goggle frame. They can be uncomfortable and may leak when moving or turning the body, breaking the suction seal. A great feature of many Barracuda Swimming Goggles is the patented technology of the Positive Pressure seal which requires no suction, creates no pain, and leaves no marks around the eyes after wearing. These goggles are contoured to the bone structure of the eye socket. The very soft and closed-cell sponge material seals against the skin, closing any gaps between the face and the frame. This Positive Pressure frame effectively seals out water, without relying on uncomfortable suction.

CR-39 Lenses

Whether you are swimming competitively, or just for fun, you want goggles that not only stay on and are sealed, but also goggles that you can see through clearly. The CR-39 Barracuda lenses are scratch-resistant and made of optical-grade plastic for optimum visual clarity with no distortion. Barracuda goggles can also be custom-made with your very own prescription, so that you can see as well under water as on land. If you know your ocular prescription, you can order your goggles with the same corrective lenses, giving you clear and accurate underwater vision.

Basic Barracuda Goggle Types

Barracuda makes goggles designed for every type of swimmer. They come in many different styles and looks, along with many colors. They are designed for varying age groups, facial structures, and types of swimming. Achieving the correct frame fit is important to Barracuda, because this fit will define the comfort and effectiveness of their technology.

Here are the most basic types of Barracuda swimming goggles.

Barracuda Standard Goggles

This uses the original, world-recognized Positive Pressure frame. It is leak-proof, and available with CR-39 prescriptive lenses. The cost begins at $30, and custom-made versions with prescription begin at $57.

Barracuda Premier Goggles

These goggles are recommended for open-water, fitness, triathlete, and senior swimmers. The Premier is basically the Standard goggle fitted with CR-39 optically-corrected lenses. They come with a hard, protective case, natural rubber head straps, anti-fog solution, acetate clip, and polyurethane foam pad. The polycarbonate frame is shatter-resistant and is held togeter with solid brass hex screws. The Premier goggle begins at around $68, depending on prescription.

Barracuda Medalist Goggles

These goggles are for smaller facial bone structures and children. They are available with CR-39 and fog-resistant lenses, and begin at $20, ranging to $180 for custom-made with prescriptive lenses.

Barracuda B-300 Goggles

These feature Positive Pressure frames, with wide-angle styling. They are recommended for fitness, open-water, and senior swimmers, beginning at $26 and ranging to $180 for prescriptive lenses.

Barracuda B-200 Goggles

The B-200 has the largest frame available, designed to accommodate larger lenses. These are recommended for fitness, senior, and open-water swimmers. They are also great for surfers, or those who have had plastic surgery. The B-200’s start at $43, and range up to $261 according to prescription.

Barracuda Torpedo Goggles

If you want sub-orbital, low-drag frames with rounded styling, an adjustable nose bridge, and Positive Pressure comfort, the Torpedo is a great choice and begins at $14. These are recommended for competitive and triathlete swimmers, as well as children.

Other types of Barracuda goggles are:

  • Mermaid
  • Predator
  • Hydrolux
  • Ultimate
  • Frenzy
  • Ultraspeed
  • Velocity
  • Hydrobat
  • Jazz
  • Hydrolux
  • Sworkel
  • Wire
  • Racing
  • Nymph
  • Mirrored

The Final Word on Barracuda Goggles

Eye protection is very important for swimmers. With their Positive Pressure seal, the Barracuda goggle brand will protect your eyes from chlorine and other harmful chemicals. They also increase visibility and prevent dry eyes. If you are in the water frequently for recreation or competition, you need to protect your eyes, and you should seriously consider the numerous outstanding features provided by Barracuda Swimming Goggles.

Last modified: April 19, 2020