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Arena Swimming Goggles

Arena Swimming Goggles

Mark Spitz’s legendary performance in the 1972 Summer Games in Munich served as the initial inspiration for the creation of Arena swimming goggles. The company was started by Horst Dassler, the son of the founder of Adidas, after he witnessed firsthand Spitz’s complete domination of the competition. Dassler knew that one of the keys to getting the company established in an already crowded market was to sponsor a set of elite swimmers, grow the brand’s recognition, and get their feedback on how to improve each successive product line. It wasn’t long before Arena caught on with the cream of the crop in competitive swimming.

By the time the 1976 Olympics in Montreal rolled around, Arena proved to be the brand of choice amongst many medalists. Arena’s innovative suit designs and high quality swimming goggles have allowed the company to attract even more top-ranking athletes to the team over the past 35 years. Today, Arena’s elite team has amongst its roster such champions as Alain Bernard, Cesar Cielo, and Paul Biedermann.

Arena has always positioned itself as a company that caters to swimmers that train hard, demand performance from their gear, and expect to win when they get that final touch on the wall. Winning is at the very heart of what this company does and it shows in the variety of products it offers swimmers. Whether it comes in the form of suits, caps, or swimming goggles, the name Arena is synonymous with excellence.

Top Design Choices from Arena

Arena Zoom X-Fit Swimming Goggles

The Zoom X-Fit is not only a great choice to use during a swimmer’s training routine, it is also versatile enough to be worn during competition. This particular swimming goggle has a classic shape that most swimmers can easily adjust to.

The Zoom X-Fit is built for maximum comfort and features a pad made from Neoprene on the bridge of the nose to prevent unwanted pressure and pinching of the skin. Like all of the best swimming goggles, this model blends a tight seal with a level of comfort that doesn’t distract a swimmer while they’re in the water.

Arena Swedix Mirror Swimming Goggles

Competitive swimming isn’t just confined to state-of-the-art indoor facilities; those engaged in triathlons and other outdoor events need top of the line equipment as well. The Swedix Mirror offers open water swimmers complete protection from the elements including the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Swedish-style goggles are well-known amongst swimmers and are noted for their light weight and sleek look. The Swedix Mirror is a fantastic choice for those looking for a pair of goggles that don’t feel restrictive, performs when it counts, and sports a nice style that is available in a variety of colored lenses.

Arena Raptor Swimming Goggles

The Raptor is amongst the most user-friendly in the product line offered by Arena. It is a design that can be utilized from training to competition, or even just enjoying a relaxing summer day in the pool. The Raptor swimming goggle provides a soft and comfortable fit that seals perfectly to help prevent any leaks.

Also, the lenses of Arena’s Raptor give swimmers a crisp and clear line of vision while underwater and are durable enough to protect against shattering. This model is comfortable, sturdy, and easily adjustable, which is a plus for those who hate having to fiddle with their goggles to find the best fit.

Arena Eagle Swimming Goggles

The Eagle goggle by Arena has an aesthetically pleasing design that allows swimmers to distinguish themselves from the crowd. With three design options to choose from in this model, an already distinct design is allowed to be further individualized.

Beyond just the look of Eagle, it also features comfort, easy adjustment, and high performance in the water.

Arena is an industry leader in stylish design, functionality, and in keeping its goggles lightweight to maintain that competitive edge. Arena prides itself on producing some of the highest quality and most innovative swimming gear and has done so since its inception all those years ago. Swimmers who are serious about their sport would be hard pressed to find a manufacturer with such a lengthy track record of providing swimming goggles for the very best in the world.

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