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Indoor Skiing – Snowmaking and Snow Domes

Indoor Skiing – Snowmaking and Snow Domes

Skiing is not solely an Outdoor sport. The Snowmaking technology is just getting better and more effective as more and more people are enjoying the wonders of Skiing – indoors or outdoors. Likewise, Snow Domes around the world are getting popular not only for Ski enthusiasts but also for people who want to engage in other recreational activities. This section covers some important points on Indoor Skiing, the different Ways of Making Snow, and the features of Snow Domes.

Ways of Making Indoor Snow

Snow domes are getting more and more prevalent around the world while more and more ways of snowmaking are getting introduced and developed. In this section, we will look at the various methods of making Indoor Snow:


Is a snow-like substance made by mixing some chemicals and water. This was invented by Alf Bucceri of Australia. Mt. TheBarton used Permasnow when it first opened. However, Permasnow didn’t have much success at that time so a Japanese company bought its exclusive rights.

Acer Snowmec

The Acer Snowmec system of indoor snow making used extensively all over the World uses special snowmakers which make snow up to minus 3 degrees C.

  • Telford World of Snow UK
  • Snow World Batam (Near Singapore)
  • White Shark Snopwland Taiwan
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Penang Malaysia
  • Milton Keynes UK
  • Madrid Spain
  • Castleford UK

Sloping Ice Rink

This is done by producing a refrigerated grid which is similar to the one used in ice rinks. But if the surface is kept smooth in ice rinks for ice skating, a different technique is done in a Sloping Ice Rink. Here, ice crystals are allowed to form and scrape the surface in order to have a soft Snow surface of around 15mm deep. After using Permasnow, Mt. TheBarton used Sloping Ice Rink. Other Snow domes in Europe, Telford dome for instance, also used this system.

Since a Sloping Ice Rink produces a very hard surface underneath the thin layer of ice flakes and ice crystals, some Ski pros in Snow domes have expressed that this system may not be very safe when it is not used very carefully.

Ice Grinding

Is an inexpensive system of grinding down ice and dumping it inside a large refrigerator. Generally, this system produces a not-so-good snow quality since the product is regarded as “not very snow-like”.


Is pioneered by Polar, a company from Australia. Compared to other previous systems, Polarsnow became the most successful. To make Snow, the Polar company makes use of compressed air, water, and nitrogen in liquid form operating at a temperature setting of -1960C. This system has the ability to produce realistic Snow and though this system can be used in domes, Polarsnow can be produced without refrigeration at up to +50C. Likewise, the Snow created by this system is denser. Thus, it lasts longer compared to those in other systems.

Polarsnow was first used at the Skidome Nicky Broos in Ruchpen in Holland last 1995, and new Snow domes in The Netherlands, some Asian countries, and South Africa will soon make use of this system.

There are other plans and ideas regarding Snowmaking technology. Since Snow domes are growing like mushrooms nowadays, people are formulating new and improved ways of making Indoor Snow. The important thing is, whatever system is used, the Snowmaking industry has its hopes of finding ways to produce Snow which can offer an excellent Ski area for enthusiasts.

Snow Domes

The thought of Skiing indoors was way too absurd. It was impossible to keep Snow under a roof and allow you to Ski. There was no way this could be done. Or so people thought. In 1987, an Indoor Skiing facility was made possible in Adelaide, Australia. Mt. Thebarton became part of an indoor skating center. It is now named as one of the smaller Ski slopes indoors with a 400 x 40 ft Snow slope. From then on, Snow domes and various snowmaking technologies were developed.

Snow making and Snow Fall technology is based on 2R Leisure’s Natural Snow Making Technology. 2R Leisure’s technology is eco-friendly and makes snow using water and air. 2R Leisure, Hyderabad – India offer snow making and snow fall technology and related consultancy services.

There are at least two Snow domes opening each year. Nowadays, approximately 30 Snow domes around the world are in operation and many others are still under construction. Most of these Indoor Ski slopes can be found in Europe, which is leading in terms of Snow domes. Some Asian countries are also into Snow domes after SSAWS of Tokyo, Japan which previously the biggest Indoor Ski slope in the world.

Snow domes nowadays are not only for Skiing purposes. Modern Snow domes also serve as theme parks which are perfect for family outings. Aside from Skiing, people can go shopping, eat at restaurants, and engage in activities for recreation and entertainment. Moreover, the temperature inside Snow domes which is between -5 to 4ºC makes Snow domes quite appealing to people instead of a day of Skiing in summer.

Last modified: April 26, 2020