Infected Eyes

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How to Treat Infected Eyes

Bacteria are the main factor that causes eye infection. The most common causes that lead to infection are surgery, trauma or wearing contact lenses. All of these factors can make your body vulnerable to infections such as conjunctivitis, which is contagious! Swollen and infected eyelids can also be caused by styes and Blepharitis. When it comes to matters related to the human eye, one should consult a doctor at the earliest. There is however, some cure for eye infection that you can try out right at your home. In this article we would suggest different ways to deal with such cases and safe methods about how to cure eye infection.

How to Cure Eye Infection?

Firstly, you can try applying warm water on your eyes frequently throughout the day to keep the infection from becoming worse. Simply take a clean washcloth and place it or dip it in hot water, then squeeze the water out of the washcloth and press it against your infected eye. At this point, not only would the temperatures be acceptable, it would sooth the irritation to a great extent. Alternatively, one can also use moist tear bags for the same purpose without going through so many hassles.

Secondly, you can try washing your infected eye gently with any baby shampoo. These shampoos are made using tear free formula (like all other baby products) that can be effective against some eye infections. Baby shampoos are available at almost all local stores, making them fall under the most popular cure for eye infection without any side effects! One must remember to not rub their eyes as this is going to make things worse, and also clean their hands with soap before touching their eyes.

Thirdly, use of any kind of makeup is strictly prohibited during this time. Makeup itself can cause irritation in the eyes as well as skin. If the irritation was caused due to a new makeup you tried recently, throw it away immediately. In any case, makeup should be avoided at all costs! Eye irritation and infection can also be a result of wearing contact lenses. Dirty contact lenses are another major factor that results in eye infections. Do not wear cosmetic or prescription contact lenses as long as the infection exists. If you have prescription lenses, make sure they are always clean (including the liquid used for cleaning). Ideally, one should wear disposable contact lenses to stay safe from eye infections.

Eyes shouldn’t be neglected and if all else fails; you can buy over-the-counter eye drops to address the infection. These eye drops are available at any medicine shop, are a quite useful and effective in tackling situations similar to this. The results turn up almost instantly, minimizing the discomfort from itching.

These are just some cure for eye infection that you can use directly from your home. While most infections can be addressed with these homegrown methods, there are others that are far more unpredictable and doctor’s intervention is a must. It is the only way to ensure that the infection is addressed in the best possible way, without harming your eyesight.

Last modified: August 5, 2020