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Eye Care Tips for Heavy Computer Users

The modern world is surrounded with electronic gadgets; these are different varieties of computers that help us accomplish tasks with ease. As the technology evolves, so does their interaction with us humans. Today, almost everyone uses a computer or equivalent devices to do a multitude of tasks. Spending long hours in front of computers can cause serious health issues that can sometimes be irreparable! Here are some eye care tips for computer users that one can follow to ensure that your eyes are not damaged in the long run.

There is no profession in today’s world wherein you can avoid the use of computer’s or monitors; this basically means that we have to look at a monitor (for long hours) to keep ourselves updated; this in turn can cause a lot of stress for your eyes! Apart from the work, modern humans are connected to each other via social networking sites; using these sites means additional hours staring at the monitor, resulting in additional stress on your eyes.

Tips for Eye Protection

Some of the most common eye care tips include the use of anti-glare screen guard, or glasses. It is also highly recommended to adjust the level of brightness of the monitor to favorable levels, to keep the glares from harming your eyes. You could also take a break after consistently looking at the computer monitor for half an hour. Use this time to focus at a distant object and blink really slowly; do not stare at the monitor during this time!

Prolong staring at the monitor can cause Sjogren’s syndrome, commonly known as dry eyes. Good eye care tips include blinking 12 to 15 times a minute to avoid syndromes such as these. Conscious blinking may be difficult initially, but if you start now, it would surely become a habit, easing down the whole process itself!

Apart from this, other eye care tips for computer users include exercising your eyeballs at regular intervals while at the computer for long hours. You can do this by shutting your eyes and rolling the eyeballs in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise manner. One must also remember to breathe in and out deeply. Repeat this process for a minute or two and slowly open your eyes, to resume your work.

One of the most notorious tricks for instant eye relief is applying a little warmth to relax your eyes. We all remember puffing into our handkerchiefs and applying it on our eyes at some point in our lives. Well, this technique actually helps relaxing your eye muscles to a great extent! If you start feeling uncomfortable, you can simply use this trick with your handkerchief or your palms.

Other eye care tips ask prolonged computer users to take regular intervals and apply water on their faces (including the eyes). This has a cooling effect that can go a long way when your eyes are concerned. While working long hours at the computer can be a hazardous activity, it can be controlled if the aforementioned tips are followed. No matter how long you are required to work at the computer, or stare at any sort of screen, make it a point to take regular breaks; this not only soothes your eyes, but also calms your mind to work better!

Last modified: August 5, 2020