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5 Best Ski Resorts in Europe

Ski seasons are starting in US and Europe. Although ski season in Colorado is already ongoing, some ski resorts are still not sure if they have snow enough. Here in Finland it has been rainy lately, but today we received the first snow. Anyhow, the fact is that winter is almost here and the ski season is starting. Ladies and gentleman, it is time to go skiing! Hold on! Where should I go skiing this year? To Europe? Yes, skiing in Europe rocks! But which ski resort in Europe would be good?

Now, if you want to equip yourself properly for the upcoming skiing expedition, you should never forget to carry a pair of Photochromic Ski Goggles.

Let me help you. I have been skiing in numerous European ski resorts, and I have now listed five ski resorts that are pure diamonds. Now, this list is not about the best backcountry skiing resorts or the best telemark skiing resorts.

Best 5 Ski Resorts in Europe

This is a list of European ski resorts for families and those who are interested skiing on pistes, stay in a good hotel, eat very good food and enjoy something special. Let’s start.

#5: Andorra

Andorra ski resort provides a bit different skiing than the ski resorts in the Alps. Andorra is located in southern Europe and it provides good skiing for beginners and a little more experienced skiers. Andorra is a small country and it is known from duty free prices in resorts. Lively nightlife, extensive snow making and southern sunshine provide a great experience in Andorra ski resort.

#4: Serre Chevalier, France

Serre Chevalier ski resort is a budget resort for families. This less crowded resort provides good skiing for families. Because of the quiet nightlife, Serre Chevalier is a good candidate in the list of good family skiing resorts. Serre Chevalier provides also other activities, such as horseback riding and snow-shoe walking.

#3: Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

One of the most glamourous European ski resorts is Cortina in Italy, the leading ski resort in the Dolomite Region. It is very stylish and chic, and it is known to be one of the classiest and costliest of all European ski resorts. In addition to skiing for beginners and experienced, Cortina ski resort provides also various off-snow activities. Cortina provides fine dining, shopping, and a scene in which skiing and money come together.

#2: Zermatt, Switzerland

Spectacular views, beautiful mountains and a lovely village. Zermatt ski resort is one of the most beautiful European ski resorts I have ever seen. It is a resort to which you should go on Christmas time, because on that time Zermatt turn to a dreamland with full of snow-covered houses, candles and lights. Take a horse ride in the car-free village or go just window-shopping on the walking street. Zermatt, a resort not for beginners, is located under the well-known mountain, Matterhorn. The Christmas in Zermatt with a whole family can provide you and your family an experience you will never forget.

#1: Cervinia, Italy

All I can say is that Cervinia ski resort rocks! Cervinia is a ski resort I prefer when skiing with my family. It is right next to Monte Rosa and Grand Combin, those two magnificient mountain peaks of the Alps. Cervinia ski resort provides long and sunny slopes and good skiing spiced up with some charmy Italian lifestyle. Cervinia, the neighbor of Zermatt, has altitude of 2000 meters. Some of the ski lifts in Cervinia get even up to 3500 meters. Pack your skis and take your family to Cervinia ski resort. They will love it!

Last modified: March 19, 2020