About Goggles Guide

Goggles Guide is the brainchild of two skiers – Carlos L. Antonio and Leland J. Dillard. Once in a blue moon, these two guys decided to set up a blog where they can share their experience and expertise so that budding skiers can learn a tip or two from them.

Now, you might be wondering why they decided to set up a Goggles Blog rather than a blog that focuses mainly on Skiing. Well, actually Antonio had faced a tragic incident and lost his vision in right eye to a certain degree as he disregarded the importance of wearing protective Goggles while skiing in a remote Alpine terrain. A terrible mistake but he has learnt it the hard way and so, he decided to set up a blog where he can make people aware of the importance of wearing protective Goggles while taking part in snowboard or skiing.

Let’s accept the obvious fact that skiing is not that easy. There are so many things that can go wrong while skiing. This is the reason why they felt that they need to develop a blog that focuses on skiing and skiing goggles so that people interested in skiing can learn how to keep their eyes protected. And thus – Goggles Guide was born.

Yes we can understand that the name of the blog is not that fancy and which is quite obvious. It is all Carlos’s fault. 🙂 He wanted to keep it simple stupid.

However, we are happy with the way things are taking shape. We are planning to launch a printed version of this magazine later. But as of now, we are trying to increase the popularity of this blog as much as possible and hopefully, things will turn out good at the end.

Carlos L. Antonio – Sub Editor

  • Name – Carlos L. Antonio
  • Position – Sub Editor
  • College – University of Michigan
  • Sport – Skiing, Night Skiing

Leland J. Dillard – Senior Editor

  • Name – Leland J. Dillard
  • Position – Editor
  • College – University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Sport – Snowboarding
Last modified: May 13, 2020

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